Spelling Quiz: These 10 Questions Will Determine if You're a Good Speller

Put your spellings skills to the ultimate test.

Spelling Quiz: These 10 Questions Will Determine if You're a Good Speller

These days, many people rely on autocorrect to spell words correctly. But if you'd say you're in the minority and don't need technology for a spelling assist, then get ready to put your spelling skills to the test. We've rounded up a list of the English language's most commonly misspelled words using the Oxford English Corpus, an electronic collection of more than two billion words that the experts at Oxford English Dictionary use to see how people are using the language. How many of these tricky words can you spell correctly? It's time to test yourself with this spelling quiz!

How do you spell the name of the region of islands off the southeast coast of the Gulf of Mexico?

Caribbean Reef Squid (Sepioteuthis sepioidea), hovering over a tropical coral reef off the island of Roatan, Honduras. - Image Shutterstock

A. Carribean
B. Caribbean
C. Caribean
D. Carribeen

B. Caribbean

map of the caribbean islands Shutterstock

You're not alone if this word trips you up with its two Bs—many people are tempted to use two Rs instead.

How do you spell the name of the United States' temperature scale?

temperature scale thermometer Shutterstock

A. Farhenheit
B. Farenheit
C. Fahrenheit
D. Farenhiet

C. Fahrenheit

mercury thermometer Shutterstock

It's the Hs that tend to confuse people when it comes to spelling Fahrenheit. That first one is sneaky!

How do you spell the common title for a monarch of Ancient Egypt?

great pyramid giza egypt Shutterstock

A. Pharoah
B. Paraoah
C. Paroah
D. Pharaoh

D. Pharaoh

Egyptian pharaoh statue Shutterstock

When you're a king, you can throw any letters into your name, and the rest of us have to suffer the spelling consequences.

How do you spell the word for the act of dividing something up?

egg carton Shutterstock

A. Separate
B. Seperate
C. Seaperate
D. Separete

A. Separate

a man separating egg yolks from eggs Shutterstock

This one can be hard if you don't know where the Es and the As fall. Just remember to separate the "par" from "se-" and "-ate," and you'll never forget how to write this commonly misspelled word again.

How do you spell the name of this overwhelming feeling of happiness or excitement?

couple in love Shutterstock

A. Ectacy
B. Ectasy
C. Estacy
D. Ecstasy

D. Ecstasy

energy before noon Shutterstock

Is anyone ever excited to spell this word, with all those surprising Ss? We think not.

How do you spell the word for something that's too tempting to avoid?

woman opening fridge Shutterstock

A. Irresistable
B. Irressistible
C. Iresistable
D. Irresistible

D. Irresistible

woman eating chocolate cake with a fork Shutterstock

Some might say it's almost irresistible to want to spell the end of this word with an "-able" versus the correct "-ible."

How do you spell the name of the language most commonly spoken in Brazil?


A. Portugese
B. Portuguese
C. Portuegese
D. Portugeuse

B. Portuguese

man reading a portuguese language book to learn the language Shutterstock

When it comes to spelling the native language of Portugal and Brazil, remember to add that second U.

How do you spell the word for the act of adapting to something or someone?

man thinking or confused, relationship white lies Shutterstock

A. Accommodate
B. Accomodate
C. Acommodate
D. Accommodate

A. Accommodate

shaking hands with customers, paper route Shutterstock

When you're trying to spell this tricky word, remember to accommodate for two sets of double letters: two Cs and two Ms.

How do you spell the name of the chart that shows the days and months of the year?

days crossed out on calendar Shutterstock

A. Caleandar
B. Calender
C. Calandar
D. Calendar

D. Calendar

calendar things to throw away Shutterstock

While you're crossing off the days on your calendar, remember to also cross out an "-er" at the end. Calendar is spelled with an "-ar" instead.

How do you spell the word for a strong desire to learn?

female in trendy striped yellow overalls smirking holding hand on chin in thoughtful pose gazing at upper left corner, thinking making choice Shutterstock

A. Curiosity
B. Curiousity
C. Curosity
D. Curouisity

A. Curiosity

woman making an ah moment or a light bulb moment Shutterstock

This is a curious word to spell because while its root word has a U in it, the word curiosity is actually spelled without one! And for more interesting ways to test yourself, try your hand at this quiz: Can You Correctly Answer These "Daily Double" Jeopardy! Questions?

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