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See Sondra From "The Cosby Show" Now at 64

Sabrina Le Beauf played the oldest Huxtable kid for eight years.

Of the five kids in the Huxtable family, the one you might not remember quite as well as the others is the eldest, Sondra Huxtable. Played by Sabrina Le Beauf, Sondra wasn't in as many episodes of The Cosby Show as the other kids in the family, because her character began the series away at college. Still, Sondra had some memorable moments, often including her relationship with her boyfriend—and then husband—Elvin (Geoffrey Owens). And she made appearances throughout all eight seasons of the show.

These days, Le Beauf is no longer acting on screen and is living outside of the spotlight, but she is still an actor and has taken on another career, too. Read on to find out more about the former sitcom star's life post-Cosby Show.

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She continued doing TV for a while.

Sabrina LeBeauf and Geoffrey Owens on "The Cosby Show"
Carsey-Werner Distribution

Le Beauf spent eight years as part of The Cosby Show, and around the same time, she had roles on Hotel, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and The Sinbad Show. She returned to TV in 1999 for an appearance on Cosby, and she also voiced a character on Bill Cosby's animated series Fatherhood in the early 2000s. Her last onscreen role was in the 2009 movie The Stalker Within.

She also acts on stage.

Sabrina LeBeauf at the Carter Barron for Shakespeare Theater
Larry Morris/The The Washington Post via Getty Images

Le Beauf is a theater actor and has been in productions of Three Sisters and Love, Loss, and What I Wore, as well as many Shakespeare plays as part of The Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, D.C. Before being cast on The Cosby Show, Le Beauf had studied theater at both UCLA and Yale.

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She became an interior designer.

Sabrina LeBeauf and Marijke Ebbinge at the Pasadena Playhouse in 2017
Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Le Beauf also branched out after the family sitcom ended, pursuing a new career. She studied interior design at UCLA and began working professionally as a designer.

"Whatever part of the brain and the heart that acting feeds in me, design does the same thing," she told People in 1999. "You walk into an empty home and little by little you put it together and it comes to life, just the way you build a character. Once it's there and people really like it, it's the same as the applause you get as an actor."

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She was married for almost a decade.

Le Beauf married Michael Reynolds in 1987, and they split up in 1996. "We sort of agreed we were very different people," she told People in the 1999 interview.

She shares parts of her life online.

Anyone curious to see what Le Beauf is up to these days can check her out on social media. On Instagram, the 64-year-old shares shots of her pets, moments from her career, and glimpses into her life in upstate New York. According to her bio, she's a "Jack of many trades. Born in New Orleans, grew up in Los Angeles, spent some time in Asheville and on Maui. Currently rediscovering NYC."

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