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Disney Star Slammed for Asking Fans to Send Her $5 to Win a Raffle

Social media users had a field day in response to Skai Jackson's supposed Macbook raffle.

It's never been easier to keep up with your favorite stars. On social media apps, celebs connect with their audiences instantly—and that often means using their platforms to promote different charitable initiatives, whether for an organization they help run or a cause they feel passionate about. But former Disney Channel star Skai Jackson recently caught flak when she asked her fans to send her $5 to enter a raffle to win a MacBook—because the money isn't going to charity. Read on to find out why fans believe something "sketchy" is going on.

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Jackson announced a "raffle" on TikTok.

Skai Jackson 2019
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Jackson announced the raffle during a TikTok livestream, which allows you to stream videos and interact with followers simultaneously. In a clip from the now viral livestream, the 21-year-old actor explained how she was doing the giveaway and said, "It is not that serious," after receiving some pushback.

"It's called a raffle, I don't know if you guys have been to school before, but I know I've been to school, and we used to have raffles all the time," she said. "The money goes toward a prize, and like I said, if there's anything left over, I'm doing a second giveaway soon. So that's what it's going toward."

Jackson went on to state that she doesn't need money.

skai jackson in 2019
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Jackson, who is best known for her roles on the Disney Channel series Jessie and its spinoff, Bunk'd, then clarified that she doesn't need the money herself.

"I do not need money," she said. "Me, personally, I do not need money. And I'm not saying this like in a bragging way or anything like that, or in a mean way. I'm just letting you guys know I do not personally need money. Like I am very fine in my life."

In text overlaying Jackson's livestream, the actor wrote that winners will be announced today, July 10, or tomorrow, July 11.

Best Life reached out to Jackson's representatives for comment on the raffle, and will update the story upon hearing back.

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Some questioned why Jackson would have to ask fans for money.

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While Jackson reassured her followers that this request wasn't the result of financial distress, fans couldn't help but wonder why she wouldn't just pay for the MacBook herself. According to Apple's website, depending on which model you get, a new MacBook will cost you anywhere from $999 to $1999.

"Skai Jackson is on TikTok live telling children to send her $5 to her cashapp for a chance to win a MacBook," a Twitter user wrote on July 3. "She claims she doesn't need the money, so then why is she charging for entry? This not weird to yall?"

"If you don't need money, why not just run a giveaway," a July 8 tweet reads. In a subsequent tweet, the same account added, "Usually raffles are done to raise money and have a prize also. If she just wanted to do something nice for her followers, she can just run a giveaway."

In response, another Twitter user wrote, "Correct. Which is why [people] think this is sketchy."

Others went so far as to call the raffle a "scam."

skai jackson 2019
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While some just thought the approach was a bit off, others argued that this is actually some sort of scam.

One posted a gif with the caption, "Skai Jackson in her scam girl era IKTR [I know that's right]."

Another wrote, "I'm finding this sooooooo funny but it's rly showing how kids should definitely [be] monitored when online ['cause] imagine ur kid or younger sibling sees this and don't comprehend scams yet so they send miss skai Jackson $5 for nothing."

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