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Simple Ways to Save Money on Gas Despite Rising Prices

A financial expert offers tips on how to save at the pump.

With the Israel-Hamas war brewing in the Middle East, financial experts are concerned about how the situation will impact the price of gas. Oil prices have already soared, and fear that gas prices will soon follow is growing.

If the price of gas does indeed go up in the U.S. over the next few weeks, know that there are ways you can save money at the pump. Natalia Brown, Chief Compliance and Public Relations Officer for National Debt Relief, offers a few simple ways you can save big at the gas station despite rising prices. 

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Use Gas Station Apps

First, Brown suggests using a gas station app, such as GasBuddy, which you can find in the app store, to find the cheapest gas in your area or wherever it is you're traveling to or from. "You can filter results by price and brand, as well as other options," she says. "Many apps will also give you directions to the gas station you select in case it's one you've never been to."

Pay With Cash


While carrying cash feels like an odd thing to do these days, it can pay at the pump. "It's usually at least $.10/gallon cheaper than paying with a credit card, plus you won't rack up additional debt," Brown points out. 

If paying cash is not an option and you have to pay with a credit card, she suggests opting for a rewards card or loyalty program that gives you cash back, discounts, and even free gas. Some major gas stations and even grocery chains offer programs like this, so do a little research to check out options available near you.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Did you know that gas might be cheaper in the town or state next to you? "If you live close to a bordering state or town, check prices there and fill up if it's cheaper than your local gas stations," says Brown. "However, don't go too out of your way since that's wasteful, both on gas and money." 

Brown also suggests taking advantage of programs, mobile providers, and workplace discounts wherever possible for additional savings at the pump.

By following these simple steps, you can save yourself some money on gas no matter what future fluctuations may look like.

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