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Early Bird Offers for Seniors: Get the Best Deals Before Anyone Else

Experts tell you where to look.

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Everyone loves a deal, and one of the great things about being over the age of 65 is that discounts are everywhere for the taking. Seniors can score reduced rates on everything from groceries and everyday staples to big-ticket purchases and travel. You just need to know where to look. (And if you don't see them, you can always ask). Here are seven ways to get the best deals before anyone else. 

Sign Up for Newsletters

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"Sign-ups and newsletters are your golden tickets to discounts," says Nathan Jacobs, an independent security analyst and senior researcher with The Money Mongers. "Whether it's groceries or a new gadget, getting in on those email alerts from favorite stores is a smart move." 

Shop (and Dine) Small

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"One of the best ways to score early bird deals is to shop and dine locally," says Jake Hill, CEO of DebtHammer. "Local businesses are more likely to provide these types of discounts than chain or franchise establishments because they are a helpful way to generate more business."  Check stores' and restaurants' websites before you go to see if they have any deals on offer.


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"Signing up for AARP scores some of the best deals around," says Rex Freiberger, CEO of Gadget Review. "Being a member with AARP gets you discounts on everything from restaurants to hotel bookings. The discounts through AARP are never less than 10%, but sometimes as much as 30% off."

Save on Cell Service

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Look for senior discounts everywhere—even on services you might not expect. "Many cell phone providers offer discounts for seniors," says Freiberger. "For example, Verizon offers discounts of up to $40 per month to seniors over the age of 55. T-Mobile offers discounts of anywhere between $25-45 off per line, per month. Mint Mobile offers 40% off for those over the age of 55."

Download Apps

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"Most travel companies, airlines and cruise lines have their own app and loyalty programs," says Nihan Colak Erol, founder of the travel site Wingie. "Signing up for these programs and downloading these apps usually grant you access to deals earlier than the general public, or give you add-ons like free bags, seat selection or other perks."

Book Travel Well in Advance

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"Cruise lines tend to market towards seniors more often than airlines and resorts, but all travel companies have seasonal deals and discounts if you book at least two months in advance," says Erol. "Most travel service providers offer these discounts because it allows them to better forecast upcoming travel seasons based on how in-demand destinations are, or gives them some working capital during the off-season."

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Book Trips on Travel Tuesday

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"Travel Tuesday is the Black Friday of the travel industry, and falls on November 28th this year," says Erol. "You'll likely find great deals for trips in the winter and spring, and decent discounts on peak season travel to popular destinations."

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