See the First Image of Tom Cruise in "Top Gun 2"

The actor is tweeting from the Danger Zone.

tom cruise top gun film

A year ago, Tom Cruise delighted fans everywhere by announcing that he was revisiting his role as Maverick in a sequel to his beloved 1986 blockbuster Top Gun.

Back when it was first released, the movie was a major box office hit and cultural milestone. So great was its popularity that it even boosted enlistment in the Unites States Navy. Details about the sequel have been kept closely under wraps, but we know it'll be called Top Gun: Maverick, and will be directed by Joseph Kosinski (who directed Cruise in Oblivion). And, according to Cruise, "there will be jets."

On Thursday, Cruise shared the first photo for the sequel on his official Twitter page to mark the fact that filming has officially begun.

Cruise was only 24 years old when the original Top Gun was released. Even though he's 55 now, he looks like he hasn't aged a day, so it's safe to say the movie will include a lot of action.

To find out everything we know about the sequel, check out Here's What the "Top Gun" Cast Looks Like Now.

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