New Survey Reveals Savory Breakfast Eaters Make More Money

Your morning meal may just make you more financially successful.

It's nice to imagine quick, small changes are all it takes to increase your cash flow—not extra hours at your desk, fewer vacations, and tons more pressure. But it turns out, there is one minor morning habit that could lead to more money in your bank account: a delicious savory breakfast.

A recent survey conducted by OnePoll for the food company Sabra analyzed how our morning meal decisions impact our lives. The researchers surveyed more than 2,000 Americans on their breakfast patterns, behaviors, and overall preferences and they found that those who went for a savory morning meal really set themselves up for a productive day—and more than that, a fruitful life.

People who are go-getters and are more motivated in the morning ate foods like eggs and avocado toast. In fact, the researchers found that savory breakfast eaters were able to work an extra hour before needing a boost, compared to those who either skipped breakfast or grabbed something small on the go. That's five extra hours of productivity every week!

With those results, it's no surprise that savory breakfast eaters were found to make more money overall and were more likely to be homeowners, compared to other participants. The good news? Most Americans appear to be on the right track, with 65 percent of survey respondents naming eggs as their go-to breakfast food.

So, if you've been eating forkfuls of pancakes and French toast in the morning, you may want to switch to a savory breakfast instead. And if you're like the 13 percent of people surveyed who said they tend to skip breakfast altogether, it's time to reconsider your morning habits.

"Morning nourishment is key to raise your energy, creativity, and focus," Rebecca Scritchfield—dietitian, exercise physiologist, and author of Body Kindness—said in a press release on the OnePoll survey. "You've been fasting while your body has been busy rebuilding and repairing during sleep."

Sure, if you're used to running out the door before work without so much as a banana, change won't happen overnight. But what you do in the morning truly defines your entire day. If you can try waking up a little earlier to prepare a filling savory breakfast, you may just start seeing that money roll in. And for more a.m. habits to adopt, here are 15 Secrets Morning People Want You To Know.

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