Sam's Club Will Let Shoppers "Worry Less and Enjoy More" With This Change

It's a brand new service you can take advantage of over the next few months.

Shopping at Sam's Club comes with a whole host of perks you'd expect from a wholesaler—affordable prices, exclusive deals, and of course, the ability to buy in bulk. A subsidiary of Walmart, Sam's Club is a popular alternative if you're not a diehard Costco fan, and a membership card can be yours for just $45 a year. Now, the wholesale club is making a unique change for members, and you might want to take advantage of it in the coming months. Read on to find out how Sam's Club is helping shoppers "worry less and enjoy more."

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The holidays are quickly approaching.

decorating for the holidays
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Many of us can't wait for the fast-approaching holiday season. No matter when and how you celebrate, it's a thrill to get into that famous "holiday spirit."

One way to do this is with decorations: Perhaps you swap out your festive fall décor as soon as Thanksgiving passes, or you maybe you hold off until December officially rolls around. Either way, if you like to go all out—sparing none of the bells and whistles—Sam's Club has got your back.

The wholesaler has a new offering for members.

Man using ladder to hang Christmas lights

It's easy enough to hang your stockings or clear a space for your menorah, but if you want to decorate the outside of your home, it's a bit trickier. Getting on a ladder and hanging string lights is a daunting and outright dangerous task without the right equipment and expertise. If you want to avoid the hassle this year, tap your Sam's Club membership.

The wholesaler has a partnership with Handy, an online home services company that can help you with a whole host of projects, and starting this year, it includes hanging Christmas lights.

"Worry less and enjoy more—let a service professional booked through Handy take care of hanging your Christmas Lights … with special pricing for Sam's Club," the page outlining the partnership between the two companies reads.

A spokesperson for Sam's Club confirmed that this partnership isn't new—having been established last year—but the holiday installation feature is. The additional option is intended to help members to "save time and money" while prepping for the holidays, the spokesperson said.

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There are certain parameters for lights.

holiday lights on roof
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Before you can book your service with Handy, you must purchase products from your local Sam's Club warehouse or on According to Handy's site, you'll also need to provide the clips, anchors, power cords, and other materials required to hang string lights.

Sam's Club members have access to "special pricing," and depending on the linear length of your light strands, the installation will run you $199 (for up to 150 feet of lights); $299 (for between 151 and 300 feet); $399 (for between 301 and 450 feet); and $499 (for anywhere between 451 and 600 feet). A professional will line lights around the outside of your home, or on your driveway, patio, or other outdoor spaces. The tech will also "test to ensure proper operation," per the booking site.

Handy does note that, due to safety concerns, service professionals won't hang lights on "portions of homes with steep pitched roofs if unreachable by ladder," areas of the home and yard that don't have suitable ground for a ladder, and trees that are taller than 15 feet.

They'll help you when the new year rolls around, too.

putting holiday decorations away
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There are a variety of other services that Handy offers for Sam's Club shoppers during the holidays, including two hours of decorating assistance and help setting up an artificial Christmas tree.

After the holidays, it can be a sad occasion taking decorations down, so if you can't bear to do it yourself, Handy can help out there, too. You can book two hours of décor removal services (excluding the removal of hanging lights), removal and disposal of your Christmas tree, or "tear down service" for your artificial tree. Each service comes with a $99 fee, except for the two-hour decoration setup, which is $199, and removal, which is $149.

Throughout the year, Sam's Club members can also use Handy for installation needs, including electrical, tech, and lighting, among others. According to the Sam's Club spokesperson, the company has been adding eligible products to the list of those that can be installed by Handy.

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