5 Things People Totally Regret Not Having in Their Homes

According to a recent survey, overlooking these home features may lead to buyer's remorse down the road.

If you've ever purchased a home, or are planning to do so in the future, chances are you had, or will have, a well-thought-out wish list of home features that your ideal place would include. However, with all the stress that can come with such a significant purchase—especially if you're going through the process during the pandemic—there are some features that you may not have thought about. Eerie Insurance conducted a national survey in 2019, asking 500 U.S. homeowners what features they would choose if they were buying a home today. Want to know what people said they wish they had in their homes, but don't? Here are the five most desirable home features they named. Get ready to learn from their oversights!

A walk-in pantry

Walk-in pantry in home

A whopping 30.2 percent of respondents said they longed for a walk-in pantry—by far the most desired feature covered in the survey. These useful spaces are great for storing groceries and stocking up on cleaning supplies. And if you want to learn about some kitchen tools that will totally up your game, check out 20 Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs.

Granite countertops

Granite countertop in kitchen

Granite countertops held the second place spot on the survey's list of features homeowners regret not having, with 17.8 percent of respondents saying they wish they had them. And for some ideas about your home's indoor décor, check out 25 Kitchen Decorations That Will Completely Transform Your Space.

A kitchen island

Kitchen island

Kitchen islands provide more space to prepare food, eat, and store necessities, so it's no wonder why many owners—16.8 percent of them, in this case—regret buying a home without one. And for other ideas on how to improve your culinary space, check out 27 Best Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen, According to Experts.

A tankless water heater

Tankless water heater

While looking for a home, prospective buyers can easily direct all of their focus on a house's visual appeal. However, survey participants wished they had paid more attention to the technical aspects of their property—specifically when it comes to water heaters. Among the respondents, 16.4 percent wished they had a tankless water heater, which is more energy efficient than its traditional counterpart and has twice the lifespan.

A finished basement

Finished basement

A finished basement was something that 16.2 percent of participants wished their home had, but didn't. There's so much potential in these underground rooms, which can serve as an office, play area, guest suite, or home movie theatre. And for tips on reorganizing your bottom floor, check out 15 Brilliant Ways to Declutter Your Basement Right Now.

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