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This Regret-Filled Widower Has the Most Touching Relationship Advice Ever

"It haunts me to this day... that I ever made her feel less than beautiful."

People who are going through the grueling process of losing weight often turn to Reddit forums for support and encouragement, which is a good thing, as studies have found that a little boost from strangers on social media can go a long way to helping people achieve their weight-loss goals.

But a few days ago, one 21-year-old woman took to Reddit to share a very specific issue related to her weight-loss: a lack of support from her partner.

"I'm losing weight but my partner is still giving me a hard time about my appearance," she wrote, adding that he often makes hurtful comments about the way she looks in spite of all her hard work. "We were going swimming the other day and I commented that the water was cold. I was met with the response, 'Trust me, you have more than enough insulation.'"

Many users commented on the thread to say that she should ditch the guy, and they're right, because this kind of behavior is cruel and counterproductive and borders on verbal abuse.

One user wrote, "Lose 200 lb. in the form of your mean boyfriend!" (For the record, that's precisely what this other hero woman did when her boyfriend called her "disgusting," and more power to her.)

But one user had a much more emotional response to the thread, and everyone should heed his beautifully worded advice:

I am an old man now, and my wife is gone. She was the most beautiful woman I have ever known, inside and out […] but she often struggled to see that. I remember there was a time during our life where we had some trouble (I was advancing my career and really neglecting our marriage) and she started dieting and working out extensively. I didn't even notice at the time (because I was so absorbed in my work) but we finally had a pretty severe argument where she asked me whether I didn't find her attractive anymore because of her weight. One of my biggest regrets that still haunts me to this day is that I ever made her feel less than beautiful. It still hurts me to think of the days and months where she was eating less in the hopes that I'd love her more. It makes me angry at myself. As the user I'm replying to said, the weight you need to lose is not from yourself. I am sure that your partner has benevolent feelings towards you but he is behaving in a fundamentally unloving way to you. He's giving you unhealthy food for your soul. I think you should let him know how this makes you feel. If he loves you, I think he would be horrified to realize what his words do to you. If he does not realize that, you need to feed your soul a better diet.

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