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60 Positive Words That Start With "E" to Use in Any Conversation

Expand your vocabulary with these uplifting terms.

There are about 170,000 words currently in use among English speakers, and a good chunk of them begin with the letter "E." So, in an attempt to celebrate the language's most used letter while keeping your conversations light, we've decided to put together a detailed list of common, positive words that start with "E." We've even included definitions and examples to cultivate a better understanding of how they should be used. Now read on, and enjoy!

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Positive "E" Words With Fewer Than 7 Letters

the word easy highlighted in the dictionary
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  1. Early: A term used to describe something that takes place before the usual or expected time.
    Ex: She was early to her appointment, but the team was able to accommodate her almost immediately.
  2. Eager: Strong enthusiasm or anticipation; an overall readiness to do something.
    Ex: After enjoying a lot of time off, she was eager to return to work and reconnect with the rest of the team.
  3. Earn: To receive payment or obtain something in exchange for services provided.
    Ex: He worked hard to earn a promotion at work.
  4. Easy: A way to describe something that is not difficult to do, understand, or accomplish.
    Ex: Though she was not an experienced chef, the instructions were easy enough for her to follow.
  5. Eco: Another way of describing something as eco-friendly or sustainable.
    Ex: The company's new initiative aims to reduce waste and promote sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices.
  6. Edgy: A term used to describe something daring, unusual, or unconventional.
    Ex: The latest collection featured edgy designs that pushed the boundaries of traditional style.
  7. Effigy: A sculpture, dummy, or figure typically used to represent someone specific in political demonstrations or religious rituals.
    Ex: During the protest, demonstrators burned an effigy of the politician to express their dissatisfaction with his policies.
  8. Elder: Someone who is older and more experienced. In certain contexts, the word can be used to describe more senior members of a group of congregation.
    Ex: My elder sister has taught me most of what I know about life and luxury.
  9. Elfin: A term used to describe someone elf-like or small, delicate, and charming.
    Ex: She had the most striking elfin features,
  10. Elite: A select group of individuals considered superior or privileged in one way or another.
    Ex: It takes an elite group of scientists to solve the most challenging problems in quantum physics.

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Positive Adjectives Beginning With the Letter "E"

neon capital letter E lit up.
  1. Effortless: Something that can be achieved with little or no effort.
    Ex: The dance was quite challenging, but she performed the routine with such grace that it seemed effortless.
  2. Edifying: Offering moral or intellectual instruction to make individuals or circumstances more significant and engaging.
    Ex: The professor's lecture was informative and edifying, leaving the students with a deeper understanding of the topic.
  3. Ebulliently: Acting lively and enthusiastically, conveying happiness and optimism.
    Ex: After winning the championship, the team ebulliently celebrated their victory with cheers and high-fives.
  4. Effective: Possessing the ability to achieve a desired outcome or impact, signaling significant productivity and accomplishment.
    Ex: The medication was highly effective in combatting the disease.
  5. Emotional: Something associated with intense emotions, particularly feelings of sadness or sympathy, while displaying empathy and understanding toward others.
    Ex: The emotional support provided by her friends was instrumental in getting her through such a difficult time.
  6. Endeavorous: Marked by a strong desire to achieve and succeed, demonstrating a determined and ambitious attitude toward one's goals.
    Ex: His endeavorous spirit led him to embark on numerous ambitious projects, each marked by determination and innovation.
  7. Endorphinic: Invoking a sense of euphoria or joy, often used to depict activities or experiences that foster positive emotions and overall well-being.
    Ex: After a long and refreshing run, she felt an endorphinic rush coursing through her body.
  8. Esteemable: Deserving reverence and esteem, signifying profound respect and admiration.
    Ex: Her consistent acts of kindness and generosity make her highly esteemable in the eyes of those around her.
  9. Enriched: Having undergone improvement or enhancement in quality or value, suggesting a favorable transformation or advancement.
    Ex: After spending a semester abroad, she returned home with an enriched understanding of different cultures and languages.
  10. Efficacious: Something that is effective in producing a desired outcome or result.
    Ex: The new medication has been proven to be highly efficacious in treating the symptoms of the rare disease.
  11. Enlightening: A way to describe something that provides knowledge, clarity, and understanding; something that will expand one's knowledge or perception of a certain subject.
    Ex: The seminar on climate change was extremely enlightening, providing valuable insights into the relationship between human activity and environmental degradation.
  12. Elated: To be in high spirits or extraordinarily pleased and proud.
    Ex: She was elated when she received the acceptance letter from her dream university.
  13. Ecstatic: A state of extreme happiness or joyful excitement.
    Ex: She was ecstatically happy after winning the competition, jumping up and down with joy.
  14. Eye-catching: A way to describe something visually striking or attention-grabbing.
    Ex: The vibrant colors and unique design of the artwork made it incredibly eye-catching.
  15. Economical: Efficient, cost-effective, or thrifty.
    Ex: She was trying to be a little more economical, so she took the bus instead of calling a cab.

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Descriptive Words That Start With"E" 

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  1. Erudite: Possessing or exhibiting extensive knowledge or erudition. Originating from Latin, this term celebrates wisdom and academic endeavors.
    Ex: The professor's erudite lectures on philosophy profoundly affected the students.
  2. Empathic: Having the capacity to comprehend and empathize with others, displaying high levels of compassion and emotional intelligence.
    Ex: She was extremely empathetic when I opened up about what I was going through.
  3. Enthusiastic: To express immense excitement or enthusiasm regarding a specific topic in ways that encourage others to join in the same fervor.
    Ex: He was incredibly enthusiastic when I told him about our evening plans.
  4. Ethical: Ethical integrity; making decisions grounded in honesty and fairness, or in accordance with societal expectations and with a sense of moral character.
    Ex: The company's decision to prioritize sustainable sourcing and fair labor practices demonstrates its commitment to ethical business operations.
  5. Eccentric: Something or someone who deviates from conventional behaviors or beliefs.
    Ex: She had a very eccentric sense of style.
  6. Easygoing: Someone relaxed, laid-back, and unbothered by minor inconveniences or issues.
    Ex: Her easygoing personality makes me want to spend more time with her.
  7. Educated: Possessing a vast knowledge of different subjects.
    Ex: It was a little intimidating speaking to someone as educated as you.
  8. Eloquent: Having the ability to convey thoughts and emotions effectively, making the message more powerful and compelling.
    Ex: You have the most eloquent way of speaking.
  9. Elegant: Anything that can be categorized by grace and refinement; something marked by beauty, sophistication, and simplicity.
    Ex: She walked into the room with an elegant grace, capturing everyone's attention with her poise and sophistication.
  10. Equable-minded: Even-tempered; demonstrating fairness and impartiality in interactions with others.
    Ex: Even in the face of adversity, he remained equable-minded, calmly assessing the situation and finding solutions where possible.
  11. Eidetic: Possessing an extraordinary capacity to recollect images and memories with remarkable detail.
    Ex: Her eidetic memory allowed her to recall intricate details from books she had read years ago.

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Positive Words That Start With "E" to Describe Something Cool

close up of the word euphoria highlighted in the dictionary
  1. Emblematic: Reflective of a particular quality or concept, acting as a symbol or embodiment of something meaningful.
    Ex: The dove is emblematic of peace, often used in various cultures as a symbol of harmony and reconciliation.
  2. Euphoria: A feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.
    Ex: Winning the championship brought a wave of euphoria to the entire team.
  3. Elevated: Having achieved a higher level in social status, professional advancement, or personal growth, indicating progress and success.
    Ex: After years of hard work and dedication, she was finally elevated to the position of CEO. 
  4. Edible: Something that can be eaten and digested safely.
    Ex: The berries growing on the bushes in the forest were edible, providing a tasty and nutritious snack for hikers exploring the trails.
  5. Elastic: Something flexible or adaptable; something that can be stretched to accommodate different needs and requirements.
    Ex: The fabric of the leggings was incredibly elastic, providing comfort and stretch for all body types.
  6. Eclectic: Ideas, styles, or tastes that come from a wide range of sources.
    Ex: Her eclectic taste in music ranged from classical symphonies to contemporary pop hits.
  7. Effectual: Something that successfully produces your desired or intended results.
    Ex: The implementation of the new strategy proved to be highly effectual, resulting in a significant increase in sales for the company.
  8. Elaborate: This term can be used as both an adjective and a verb. As an adjective, it refers to something containing a level of complexity or depth. As a verb, it means to expand on something to help clarify or enhance understanding.
    Ex: She asked him to elaborate on his theory during the presentation, wanting more detailed explanations to fully understand his ideas.
  9. Endless: Something that has no limit, continuing in perpetuity and without cessation.
    Ex: She was stuck at the office for hours, sorting through what felt like an endless amount of paperwork.
  10. Enthralling: Something that captivates or holds one's attention completely, often in an intense or gripping manner.
    Ex: The movie was so enthralling that I was glued to the screen from start to finish.
  11. Enticing: Something that possesses allure, charm, or temptation, often prompting desire or fascination.
    Ex: I told myself I wouldn't go out this evening, but your offer is incredibly enticing.
  12. Enviable: Something so appealing or advantageous that others might wish they had it for themselves.
    Ex: She has an enviable talent for effortlessly playing multiple musical instruments well and with ease.

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Positive Actions Words That Start With "E"

The letter E shaped out of buckwheat grain.
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  1. Emancipate: To free oneself from negative emotions or mental burdens, promoting personal growth and emotional well-being.
    Ex: The social reforms aimed to emancipate marginalized communities from systemic oppression
  2. Embrace: To accept new ideas or experiences, showing a willingness to learn and grow.
    Ex: After years of self-doubt, she finally learned to embrace her unique qualities and celebrate her individuality.
  3. Encompass: To incorporate or enclose within a specific scope, range, or extent.
    Ex: The research project aims to encompass a wide range of perspectives on the topic
  4. Exuviate: The shedding of an outer covering, such as the skin, shell, or exoskeleton, by an animal as part of its growth or development process. The term can also describe transformation or rebirth.
    Ex: Self-reflection allows us to exuviate past mistakes and behaviors, paving the way for personal growth and development.
  5. Extemporize: To quickly adapt to unexpected circumstances, devise innovative solutions, and maintain a positive attitude.
    Ex: The speaker had to extemporize during his presentation when the slides unexpectedly failed.
  6. Electrify: To ignite a sudden burst of excitement or energy akin to an electric jolt, resulting in a more thrilling atmosphere.
    Ex: The performance was so electrifying; the whole crowd was buzzing with energy and excitement.
  7. Enchant: To cast a spell over someone or something; to captivate or delight through beauty, grace, or charm.
    Ex: The beautiful music instantly enchanted everyone in the audience.
  8. Exceed: To go beyond a certain limit, boundary, or expectation.
    Ex: She far exceeded expectations during her first year with the company.
  9. Emerge: To come forward or become visible gradually or unexpectedly.
    Ex: The sun started to emerge from behind the clouds.
  10. Embark: To begin or commence a journey, undertaking, or activity, especially one that involves significant effort, risk, or commitment.
    Ex: The explorers prepared to embark on their journey into the uncharted wilderness.
  11. Engage: To participate or become involved in an activity, conversation, or interaction; to put one's energy and attention toward someone or something.
    Ex: She didn't want to argue, so she felt it was best not to engage at all.
  12. Enable: To give someone or something the authority, means, or opportunity to do or achieve something.
    Ex: The new software update will enable users to access advanced features and enhance their overall experience.

Why Is Using Positive Words Beneficial?

Peppering positive words into your speech can have a profound effect on behavior—seriously. Descriptive words, gentle commands, and other conversational niceties have actually been shown to help promote confidence among speakers. That's according to the research conducted by Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman that they detail in their book Words Can Change Your Brain.

Newberg and Waldman say that "a single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress." And while a positive word can help stimulate the brain's motivational centers, a single negative word can increase activity in the amygdala—the part most closely associated with fear and emotions.

So, if you're trying to more diligently commit to positive thinking, consider how everyone's favorite fifth letter of the alphabet can help get you there. Because if we haven't already made it clear, many positive words start with "E," and they're all worth incorporating into your vocabulary.

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