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See Paul Bettany & Jennifer Connelly's Grown-Up Sons in Rare Photos

The actors' middle kid just reached a big milestone.

It's the time of year that makes any parent extra emotional: graduation season. Just check out Paul Bettany, who posted about his son Stellan Bettany's high school graduation on Instagram. Bettany has three kids with wife Jennifer Connelly, and he shared pictures of their two sons in a couple of posts about the ceremony. The WandaVision actor also got a little reflective about how fast time flies with an old photo of him holding Stellan as a baby. Read on to find out more about Bettany and Connelly's family and to see what the proud dad had to say.

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First, Bettany posted an old picture of tiny Stellan.

On June 7, Bettany shared a photo of himself holding baby Stellan on the set of his 2004 movie Wimbledon. "Here's me holding Stellan at about a week old," he wrote. "Today my beautiful kid graduates high school! Time… My head is spinning. Very proud of everything Stellan has accomplished so far and even more excited about what the future holds."

Bettany ended the caption with a shoutout to tennis player Roger Federer: "Incidentally this picture was taken on centre court where I won Wimbledon 36 times sooooo take THAT @rogerfederer."

The actor then shared a recent photo with his son.

Bettany posted a picture of himself and Stellan both dressed up for graduation. "So that happened," the actor wrote. "The short version is that Stellan graduated and I cried like a baby."

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He also shared a selfie with his oldest son, Kai.

Bettany has a 23-year-old stepson, Kai Dugan, who Connelly shares with her ex, photographer David Dugan. Bettany and Connelly married in 2003, when Kai was around six years old. Bettany shared a picture of himself and Kai on the graduation day, and wrote, "My eldest son kai waits patiently while I try to figure out the timer on my camera… aaaand gets bored before I figure it out … then leaves me solo. Off to graduation now."

Bettany and Connelly also have a 10-year-old daughter.

While Bettany didn't share pictures of her at the big event, he and Connelly also have a daughter named Agnes, who is 10. It's rare that Bettany posts photos of his children at all, but he does have a drawing-style picture of himself and his daughter, as well as a shot of her drawing lightsabers, which he captioned, "Chip off the old block
#starwarsfan," on his account.

Their kids all have big ambitions.

Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly at a screening of "American Pastoral" in 2016
Kathy Hutchins /

Connelly isn't on Instagram herself, but she did talk about her kids in a 2019 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. She said that Kai was about to graduate college after studying chemical engineering, that Stellan is "an amazing musician," and that Agnes might make a great director. Connelly explained that Agnes likes to come to set with her and watch the monitors. And she's very open with her critiques. Agnes gave her mom notes about how she was gesturing in a scene, Connelly followed them, and the actual director ended up liking the result. By the way, Agnes was only seven at the time.

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