10 Creative Other Uses for Your Blue Ikea Bags

They're for more than home goods and Swedish meatballs.

Ikea has come up with thousands of brilliant home décor items. But no piece of furniture—or Swedish meatball, for that matter—will ever be more legendary than Ikea's Frakta bag. Even if you don't know the product by name, you're definitely familiar with the store's signature giant blue bags. The Ikea totes are so ubiquitous, high-end fashion labels have even tried to create their own. But what is it about the $1.50 Frakta bag that excites people so much? Well, it turns out, it's much more than just a shopping bag. Read on for 10 other uses for Ikea's blue bags that will save you money and make your life easier.

Laundry Bag

Ikea Blue Bag For Laundry {Other Uses For Blue Ikea Bag}

Given what it costs, you wouldn't think Ikea's blue bag would be so sturdy. But it turns out, its weight limit is 55 pounds. With its thick blue-and-yellow straps, an Ikea bag is perfect for lugging around loads of dirty laundry, whether you're headed to your own washing machine, or to the laundromat.

Plant Holder

Plants in the IKEA Bag {Other Uses For Blue Ikea Bag}

No pots? No problem! Believe it or not, Ikea bags are the perfect substitute for grow bags. If you don't have much outdoor space, then turning your blue Frakta bags into soil sanctuaries could the perfect space-saving (and money-saving) solution. Check out this step-by-step guide on how to turn your Ikea bags into the perfect planters.

Toy Storage Bin

Ikea Blue Bag as a Toy Storage Bin {Other Uses For Blue IKEA Bag}
Image via Grillo-Designs

That blue Ikea bag you have laying around is also great for storing toys, whether they're your children's or your dog's. And since the mouth of the bag is so wide, your little one—of either the human or canine variety—will have an easy enough time finding the toy they want to play with.

Beach Bag

Ikea Big Blue Bag {Others Uses For Blue Ikea Bag}

The Frakta has everything you could ever ask for in a beach bag: It's waterproof, it's durable, it's big, and best of all, it's cheap.

Plus, most people can only use their beach totes a few months out of the year anyway. So there's no reason to splurge when you could just use the Ikea bag you already have.

Dog Tote

Dog in Ikea Bag {Other Uses for Blue Ikea Bag}
Image via Twitter/@paullarosa

If your dog falls within the 55-pound weight limit and doesn't have a problem sitting in a bag, then you can turn your Ikea tote into a carrier when you're traveling with your pup. It's pretty ingenious and this little guy seems perfectly content.

Recycling Bin

Ikea Bag for Recycling {Other Uses For Blue Ikea Bag}

What makes this receptacle perfect for recycling is not just how large it is, but also that it's made out of polypropylene, a material that's recyclable in certain areas. So when it's full, you can simply recycle your Ikea bag along with your papers and plastics. It's a win-win!

Donation Box

Box of Old Clothes for Donation

Instead of hauling big boxes of old shirts and sweaters to a secondhand store, use your Ikea bag to transport them instead. With its lengthy straps and impressive weight capacity, you probably won't even have to make more than one trip.

Workout Equipment

Ikea Bag Workout {Other Uses for Ikea Bag}
Image via PEOPLE

The Ikea bag is the ultimate workout tool. Following this routine from Reebok trainer Andrew Connor, you can use two of the giant bags to work your upper body, lower body, and even get some cardio in. It's a cheap and effective way to burn some calories and build muscle!

Grocery Bag

Ikea Bag for Groceries {Other Uses for Blue Ikea Bag}
Image via Reddit

Now that more and more cities are cracking down on plastic bags, you'll need to stock up on reusable totes to bring to the supermarket. But rather than buying new bags, why not just get your money's worth with your Ikea bags? On top of saving money, they're also bigger than any totes sold at grocery stores.

DIY Accessories

Ikea Bag Turned Into an Apron {Other Uses for Blue Ikea Bag}

If you want to transform your Ikea bag entirely, then consider turning it into something you can wear. The internet is filled with DIY Ikea bag tutorials for things like aprons, bucket hats, and fanny packs. You can pretty much turn your Ikea bag into anything imaginable. And for more ways to use the things you already have at home, check out 50 Amazing New Uses for Everyday Items.

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