20 Best Nude Beaches on the Planet

The dress code is easy to remember at these seaside hotspots.

20 Best Nude Beaches on the Planet

Once destinations solely for hippies and “naturalists,” nude beaches have evolved into an unusually popular vacation destination for many travelers. Whether you’re there to get a truly full body tan (a healthier option than a tanning bed), to show off a finely sculpted physique (if you’ve got it, flaunt it), or to ogle coeds from behind the glare of mirrored lenses (you’re not fooling anyone, dude), these in-the-buff beachfronts have something for everyone.

Just remember to follow the cardinal rules: No photographs without permission. No bare skin on shared public seats. And no touching. So read on and learn where you’re jetting off to next. Don’t worry, we’ve kept it all SFW. And for more seaside escapes—clothing mandatory, however—be sure to check out the 30 Greatest Beaches In America.

nude beaches cancun

Hidden Beach Resort; Cancun, Mexico

Hidden Beach Resort is the only five-star nudist resort in Mexico, and if the al fresco dining, beachside massages, and hot tub soirees—all of which you’re expected to do completely in the buff, by the way—don’t convince you you’re in luxury, then the cerulean seas and endless sugar-white sand will.

nude beaches mykonos

Paradise Beach; Mykonos, Greece

Every day, at 4:30 pm, Paradise Beach becomes a bona fide party haven. Starring two bars and an ever-changing cast of talented DJs, raucous fun continues until dawn. And yes, clothing is entirely optional. And for more great travel advice, learn the 30 Secrets That Only Airport Insiders Know.

nude beaches australia

Samurai Beach; Port Stevens, Australia

A few hours up the coast from Sydney lays Samurai Beach, a nudist beach that cherishes fun and games as much as breezy freedom. There, you’ll find a host of activities, including nude sandbag racing, nude volleyball, and nude body painting.

nude beaches baker

Baker Beach; San Francisco, California

Despite what photos on social media may tell you, it’s now against the law to be nude in San Francisco; in 2012, the city council passed a law banning public nudity. Baker Beach, just next to the Golden Gate Bridge, is under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, however—and since there are no federal laws banning nudity, you can feel free to strip down completely.

nude beaches

Bellevue Beach; Klampenborg, Denmark

At Bellevue Beach, you can venture over to the topless-only section for a reprieve from the R-rated fully nude beach. Why you’d do that, though, if you’re at a nudist beach in the first place, is beyond us. And for more awesome adventures that aren’t nude beaches, try visiting the 10 Stunning American Resorts Under $150-a-Night.

nude beaches

Praia do Pinho; Camboriú, Brazil

Bad news, fellas: Men aren’t allowed on Praia do Pinho, Brazil’s first naturalist beach, unless they’re with a female companion. And that’s not the only strict rule; unlike other nude beaches, here, nudity is mandatory.

nude beaches

Haulover Beach; Miami, Florida

As any who’s been can attest, many beaches in Miami can be classified as nudity-tolerated (or at least topless-tolerated). But Haulover Beach is the one and only official nude beach in town. Also, there’s a 9-hole golf course.

nude beaches

Cap d’Adge; Adge, France

Imagine shopping, dining, getting your hair cut, going to the doctor, and, of course, tanning on the beach completely in the buff. At Cap d’Adge, a small community off the French Mediterranean coast, you don’t have to imagine that; in this fully functioning nudist enclave, that’s just the way life is.

nude beaches

Little Beach; Maui, Hawaii

Per law, nudity is illegal in Hawaii. But, among the local police, it’s an unwritten rule that nudity is tolerated, so feel free to strip down and tan on the endless white sands.

nude beaches

Kehana; Pahoa, Hawaii

Or, for a truly exotic Hawaii experience, head to Kehana, on the largest island. There, you’ll find all the nude freedom of Little Beach, only, except for pearly white sand, you’ll find pitch black obsidian sand—and maybe even a local or two indulging in America’s favorite recreational substance.

nude beaches

Spiaggia di Guvano; Corniglia, Italy

Spiaggia di Guvano is a practically mythic gem ticked away in Italy’s Cinque Terre; to get there, you’ll have to travail through a precarious cliffside hike. Watch your footing. And beware of landslides.

nude beaches

Hippie Hollow; Austin, Texas

Don’t bother visiting Hippie Hollow on the weekends; the beach typically reaches capacity, especially during warmer weather. But if you can snag time and space during the week, proximity to both pristine lake water and a bustling downtown make this one of the must-see nude beaches on the planet.

nude beaches

Wreck Beach; Vancouver, Canada

Located a stone’s throw away from the University of British Columbia, expect to see an army of students and faculty—yes, at the same time—on this beach. Don’t expect to see any of them studying, however.

nude beaches

Eden Beach; Hawksbill Bay, Antigua

To be sure, the name is a little too on-the-nose. (You know, like the garden where Adam and Eve did their thing? Get it? Ha, ha…) But thanks to seemingly endless sands and minimal amenities—you’ll find a few beach chairs and not much else—Eden Beach is truly a slice of heaven.

nude beaches

Couples Sans Souci; Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Couples San Souci isn’t a fully nude resort. But there is an expansive clothing optional beach, complete with a lush, secluded pool and hot tub area that follows the same dress code.

nude beaches

Orient Bay Beach; Saint Martin

In 2017, Hurricane Irma caused some serious damage around Orient Bay Beach; many of the shops, restaurants, and amenities in the area are still going through repairs. But the see-through water and cascading sand—not to mention the naked beachgoers—are still present.

nude beaches

Plage de Tahiti; Saint-Tropez, France

Plage de Tahiti may be the patient zero of modern day nude beaches; Brigitte Bardot famously put the place on the map in And God Created Woman (1956) and the destination has since only gotten better with age.

nude beaches

Red Beach; Crete, Greece

Bare beachgoers aren’t the only examples of nudity at Crete’s Red Beach. On the north side of the strip, you’ll find carvings of nude figures inspired by ancient Egyptian deities.

nude beaches

Gunnison Beach; Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Gunnison Beach is the only beach in New Jersey that allows legal nudity. What’s more, alcohol isn’t prohibited, so party away. You’ll also be able to peek views across the bay at nudity-banned New York City beaches. Try not to rub it in.

nude beaches

Crescent Beach; South Surrey, Canada

Spanning a staggering 4 miles, Crescent Beach is the Canadian destination for nude beaches. And if you happen to be there in August, you’ll be able to catch productions of the Bard put on by the Beach House Theater. (Clothing is required for attendance, however.) And for more unexpected adventures, try visiting any of the 15 Under-the-Radar American Escapes.

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