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The No. 1 Vacation You Should Book Now That Testing Requirements Are Over

Now that travel from and to the U.S. just got easier, you should book this international trip ASAP.

Travelers with an eye on international destinations received good news from the CDC this past weekend. Now that pre-departure testing requirements have been lifted for those entering or returning to the U.S., it's the prime time to book international travel.

While international getaways were possible until now, the added burden of obtaining appropriate tests overseas kept many would-be jetsetters at bay. Now that this extra task has been omitted, it's almost certainly going to have an impact on international travel demand. And where there is demand, there's likely a price increase just around the corner thanks to an already strained travel environment thanks to pilot shortages and reduced schedules.

With the removal of testing requirements, where is the number one place you should go on vacation before cost starts to increase?

The answer is Reykjavík, Iceland.

Iceland has become one of the easiest international destinations for travelers in recent months. This past February, Iceland removed travel restrictions due to the pandemic, so vacationers visiting the country no longer need to provide pre-arrival test results.

Reykjavik Iceland

Add to that, travel visas are not required for American citizens visiting Iceland, though other nationals will want to verify whether a visa is necessary for visiting the country.

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One of the best ways to get to Iceland continues to be flying with Icelandair, which continues to offer a stopover program for those en route to Europe. This opportunity encourages transatlantic travelers to enjoy a few days in Icelandair for no additional airfare.

With airlines seeing price increases amid demand and staffing shortages, it may not be that long before travelers see similar rate increases at hotels. That's exactly why booking an Iceland vacation is top of the list right now, before the market demand impacts pricing across the board.

For culture seekers, Reykjavík is a must-visit with boutique shops and a wide selection of attractions, including the Reykjavik City Museum, The Perlan Museum of Icelandic Natural Wonders, and the Reykjavik Maritime Museum.

skogafoss waterfall iceland

In the city, travelers will find familiar chain hotels like Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, though budget-seekers will also find plenty of charming hostels and guesthouses within the city core, including Kex Hostel Reykjavik.

For those keen on Iceland's more natural attractions, like public thermal pools and stunning waterfalls, an extended stay at Hotel Ranga provides immersion in a gorgeous environment ideal for embarking on an adventurous hike or witnessing the Northern Lights.

Hotel Ranga even has an onsite observatory with a guided astronomer. The viewing season for the Northern Lights begins in September, lasting through April, which means travel bookings for Iceland are about to increase for fall getaways, especially now that U.S. travelers won't need to arrange testing prior to returning home. In other words, now is the perfect time to book an Iceland getaway.

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