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If You Have This TV Provider, Prepare to Lose Channels Immediately

The company moved forward its timeline to remove them from the platform.

Even though streaming makes it possible to watch your favorite shows and movies on demand, it's still essential to have access to traditional channels. Unfortunately, recent disputes between networkers and carriers and changing policies have created a somewhat chaotic landscape for viewers. But if you use one TV provider in particular, you should be prepared to lose some channels immediately. Read on to see what the company has taken off the air.

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Roku is removing all non-certified channels from its streamer platform.

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On Feb. 23, popular TV streaming boxset Roku removed all non-certified channels from its platform. The move comes after an initial timeline to drop the channels in March was moved forward when a blog post published in November announced the change.

According to the company, the channels will be disabled across all devices, effective immediately. "This means that users will no longer be able to install or launch non-certified channels (unpublished channels can no longer be installed via a vanity access code)," Roku wrote in its official post announcing the change.

The company is replacing the channels with new options for developers.


Fortunately, unlike other recent dust-ups between streaming providers, the move is unlikely to affect most Roku users. In most cases, non-certified channels are used by developers to test apps they're developing to launch on the platform's official channel store, making them available to small groups of viewers to ensure they're in good shape before release, The Streamable reports.

As part of the change, Roku will replace non-certified channels with beta channels, which allows developers to test their streaming channels before a larger audience and fine-tune them with more feedback before launch over a four-month testing period. The company is also adding the Independent Developer Kit (IDK), which allows companies to work on non-streaming apps such as smart home applications or games, The Streamable reports.

"For example, developers can build applications in JavaScript that pull together data from various sources, effectively turning their TV monitor into a snapshot view of their daily news, weather, calendar appointments, and even traffic conditions for their office commute," Roku explained in an FAQ about the recently released IDK.

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The non-certified channels are being removed to cut down on illegal streaming on the platform.

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Even though the changes will make it easier for developers to create new channels for the platform, the move is also a step to crack down on users who exploit the non-certified channel system to stream illegal content. Previous to the change, a lack of oversight from the company made it possible for users to provide unlawful content pirated movies and shows over the service, reports. The new process aims to cut down on the illicit activity.

Roku also recently added 25 new free channels to its streaming platform.

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But just as Roku sheds certain channels, it's also adding others for its users. On Feb. 8, the company announced to customers that it would be adding 25 new live linear channels to its platform "to bring you live content from the biggest names in TV." The new offerings bring the number of free channels available to Roku users to over 270.

According to a blog post from the company, the latest additions bring everything from more competition programming and weather services to kid-friendly content and adventure shows to the platform. They include AfroKiddos, AfrolandTV, Aspire TV Life, Ax Men, BlackPix, Bob The Builder, Crime ThrillHer, Demand Africa, Fox Weather, Ice Road Truckers, Kin, Kriminal, Modern Marvels, Red Green Channel, Redbox Faith & Family, Redbox Romance, Sensical 8+, SPARK TV, Supermarket Sweep, The Price Is Right: The Barker Era, This Old House Makers Channel, Total Crime, UnXplained Zone, and Vive Kanal D Drama.

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