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Jessica Alba Says Her Daughter Didn't Know She Was Famous For Years

"You never told me that you were going to be in grocery stores or in Target."

To many people, Jessica Alba is known as an actor-turned-businessperson. But to her kids, it's a different story. During a Friday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jessica Alba said her daughter, Honor, didn't realize that she had a famous mom until a kid at school revealed the news when she was in first grade. And Honor did not have a positive reaction.

Honor is now 12 years old, so she's had some time to adjust. But still, it sounds like Alba's oldest child had quite the shock when she learned this crucial piece of information about her mother.

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Alba's kids knew her as an entrepreneur, not an actor.

Haven and Honor Warren
Jessica Alba/Instagram

"They didn't know—for the first, beginning of their life—they didn't know that I was an actress," Alba told Ellen guest host Stephen "tWitch" Boss. Alba has continued to act, but she took at step back to launch The Honest Company, a line of household, baby, and beauty products, in 2011.

"I remember when Honor was in first grade, she was mortified. And she came home and she was like, 'Why didn't you tell me?" Alba continued. "Because she knew that I was working at The Honest Company, right? That's how they knew me."

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The big reveal came from a friend at school.

Jessica Alba and Honor Warren
Jessica Alba/Instagram

Alba explained that a friend of Honor's brought a magazine with her mom on the cover to school and "put her on blast." Alba said her daughter asked, "Why are you on this magazine? What is happening here?"

The 39-year-old said her daughter "felt so betrayed." She continued, "She was like, 'You never told me that you were going to be in grocery stores or in Target.'"

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Honor understands that her mom is famous now, but she still thinks she's "cringey".

Jessica Alba family
Jessica Alba/Instagram

In addition to Honor, Alba has another daughter, nine-year-old Haven, and a three-year-old son named Hayes with husband Cash Warren. According to Alba, her daughters both think she's an embarrassing "cringey mom." She added, "They actually said that I should use #cringeymom. And I'm like, 'That's so mean.' I'm like, 'There's so many more cringey moms than me, guys.'"

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She can't believe her kids are growing up so fast.

Honor Warren and Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba/Instagram

In the interview, Alba talked about how her son just turned three. "This boy is nonstop," she said. "He literally, like, wakes up, he's running, he's throwing balls. He wants to play golf, cars. All of it." Alba said that nine-year-old Haven is "my one that really loves all the friends and socializing. That's her vibe."

And when it comes to her first born, she's in disbelief that she's becoming a teenager. "Honor is sort of in that tween, teen kid of age," Alba said. "She's taller than me now. I don't know how it happened. It happened so fast. And it's just like she's not the little baby anymore."

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