Jennifer Aniston Just Posted the Cutest New Dog Photos

Lord Chesterfield did his best to help with her workout.

The love Jennifer Aniston has for her dogs is well known—she even has a tattoo in honor of one of them. And in a couple of recent posts on her Instagram Story, the actor showed just how much she gets her newest dog, Lord Chesterfield, involved in her day-to-day routine. Aniston shared two photos of her dog working out with her… or, rather, laying on the equipment while she worked out. Read on to see the cute photos of Aniston with her "workout buddy," and to find out more about the actor's other furry friends in the family. And for more famous pups, find out Why the First Dogs Were Really Sent Back to Delaware.

Lord Chesterfield wasn't exactly helping.

Jennifer Aniston's dog Lord Chesterfield laying on a yoga mat
Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

In the first photo Aniston posted to her Instagram Story, Lord Chesterfield is lying on top of her yoga mat. The actor captioned the pic, "My workout buddy."

While Lord Chesterfield looks pretty big, he's still a young guy. Aniston shared that she adopted him in Oct. 2020. He was tiny at the time, but as shown in this pic of her pup from Thanksgiving, Lord Chesterfield grew a lot in a very short period.

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It looks like he's big on the bones.

Jennifer Aniston's dog Lord Chesterfield playing with a hand weight
Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

The second pic shows Lord Chesterfield playing with one of Aniston's five-pound weights as if it were a bone. She captioned this one, "Well, that's KIND of the idea…" Maybe he wasn't that into working out, or maybe he just really loves bones.

When she first got him, Aniston posted a video of Lord Chesterfield sleeping mid-chew. "Chesterfield, have you fallen asleep with your bone in your mouth?" Aniston whispers in the clip. "I think you have."

Aniston has two other dogs, too.

Jennifer Aniston walking her dog Clyde
Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

In addition to Lord Chesterfield, Aniston has two more dogs, Clyde and Sophie. The 52-year-old actor has also shared photos of them on social media. For instance, she posted pictures of "bring Clyde to work day" in Nov. 2019, and in early 2020, she posted about Sophie's taste in TV (she loves The Bachelor).

Aniston previously shared the two pets with her ex-husband Justin Theroux. They also had a third dog named Dolly, who passed away in 2019.

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Aniston also honored her late dog in a very permanent way.

Jennifer Aniston's "Norman" foot tattoo
DFree /

Before Dolly, Sophie, Clyde, and Lord Chesterfield, there was Norman, Aniston's dog who died in 2011. In his honor, she got his named tattooed on her foot.

During an interview with Inside the Actors Studio in 2011, Aniston was asked her favorite word and said, "Norman." She also explained that her love for the pup helped her get into character when she was working on the 2008 film Marley & Me about a family and their dog.

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