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The Real Reason Harry and Meghan Are Quitting Social Media, Insiders Say

There's an underlying reason for their exit in addition to the online bullying Meghan has endured.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will reportedly be quitting social media, according to a new report in The Times of London. A source close to the couple told the outlet that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are "very unlikely" to have an online presence on Instagram or any other platforms in the future, mainly due to the hate they've received online. But as royal insiders told Best Life, that's not the only reason the Sussexes are shying away from social media. Read on to find out more, and for more on Meghan, check out The Surprising Job Meghan Markle Had Before She Got Her Big Break.

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"It all just became too much," one insider said.

Megan Markle and Prince Harry visited Millennium Point in Birmingham on International Women's Day in 2018
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A royal insider told Best Life the report "certainly makes sense" explaining, "The duke and duchess's decision to stop using social media as a way to convey their message is both surprising and predictable. They used social media quite effectively to convey they were intent on living a different kind of life from the rest of the Royal Family when they chose to announce they were stepping down on Instagram." But, the insider continued, "the online bullying directed towards Meghan since she became engaged to the duke continued to escalate during her pregnancy and it all just became too much. It's understandable she wants to cut all ties."

Last year, on a podcast on World Mental Health Day, Meghan revealed her struggle with the online bullying she endured saying, "I'm told that in 2019 I was the most trolled person in the entire world, male or female. Now, eight months of that I wasn't even visible, I was on maternity leave or with a baby." And for more on Meghan's struggles with the spotlight, check out 3 Things Princess Diana and Meghan Markle Did to Change the Royals Forever.

But other sources say it could be a business strategy.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrive for their last official engagement, a service to commemorate the Commonwealth is attended by the Royal Family and representatives of Commonwealth countries, at Westminster Abbey in Mar. 2020.
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Another source told Best Life exclusively there may be another underlying reason the couple is leaving social media in addition to all of the online bullying. "Meghan and Harry have been very strategic in their post-royal lives in the way in which they have introduced their foundation's website and their podcast as well as the news about their various business deals. In not sharing information on social media, followers will have to go directly to the source, not one wholly owned by another entity, to get updates on all their projects and a glimpse into their family life," the source said. "They chose to let the world hear Archie speak for the first time on their podcast. This way, Meghan and Harry are the direct beneficiaries of the worldwide interest in them. Besides shielding them from the increasing toxic online environment, it is a brilliant business move." And for more on Meghan's life outside of the U.K., check out The Powerful Messages Behind Meghan Markle's Post-Royal Wardrobe.

They haven't posted on social media since March.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's final @SussexRoyal instagram post
@SussexRoyal / Instagram

As of today, the couple's long dormant Instagram account still has 10.4 million followers. They last posted to the account on Mar. 30, on the eve of their leaving London and their senior royal roles behind. "While you may not see us here, the work continues," they wrote, in part. "Thank you to this community—for the support, the inspiration and the shared commitment to the good in the world. We look forward to reconnecting with you soon. You've been great! Until then, please take good care of yourselves, and of one another."

There is no doubt that social media has played a huge part in Harry and Meghan's PR strategy in establishing themselves as modern, accessible royals and informally launching themselves as a global brand. They started their own @SussexRoyal account in April 2019 with the display names "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex." As compared to the original @KensingtonRoyal account they shared with Prince William and Duchess Kate, they gave @SussexRoyal a less formal tone with candid photos and by signing posts as "Meghan and Harry." It had also been the only first-hand source of information on their son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor. But all that has changed.

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They reportedly have no plans to use social media for the Archewell Foundation.

archewell website, home of foundation by harry and meghan

While their farewell post seemed to indicate Meghan and Harry were planning to return to their platforms when they launched their new ventures, The Times reports the royal couple also has "no plans" to use social media for their Archewell Foundation.

"Meghan and Harry are now international celebrities who no longer need social media to build awareness for their brand," said an insider. "They are on a whole different level now, one that puts them above all that. There is a patina to Archewell that would best be maintained with a sense of decorum, a type of Obama-esque discourse about the planet and its problems on the foundation's own website that is completely absent in the online community right now. It's quite brilliant, if you think about it." And for more on what's next for the Sussexes, check out The One Thing Meghan and Harry Are Really Looking Forward to in 2021.

Diane Clehane is a New York-based journalist and author of Imagining Diana and Diana: The Secrets of Her Style.

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