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Goldie Hawn Posts Adorable Throwback for Kurt Russell's 70th Birthday

"I can’t imagine my life without you at any age, Kurt Russell."

Kurt Russell turned 70 on March 17, and his longtime partner Goldie Hawn celebrated on Instagram by posting a sweet message and an old video of them on stage at the 1989 Oscars. In the throwback clip, they joke about the fact that they're not married. Now, 32 years later, Russell and Hawn are beloved for their enduring relationship and for still never tying the knot. Read on to see Hawn's post, which jokes about that fact, as well as Kate Hudson's birthday message to Russell. And for more on Hawn and Russell, check out 12 Beloved, Long-Term Celebrity Couples, Then and Now.

The throwback video Hawn shared included a joke about them getting married.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell presenting Best Director at the 1989 Oscars

Hawn's Instagram post for Russell's birthday included a video from the 1989 Oscars ceremony, where Hawn and Russell presented the award for Best Director. The clip she shared is the bit they did before reading the nominees. (You can watch the full video here.)

"We fit in completely to the theme of the show," Hawn said at the start of the clip. "Because we're co-stars, we're compadres, we're companions, and we're a couple." (That year, presenters were paired up by having at least one of those four connections.)

"Yeah, there's only one thing we're not," Russell responded. "What?" asked Hawn. "Married," he said. Hawn then giggled and asked, "Is that a proposal?"

After the crowd got excited, Russell said, "You're putting me on the spot. I guess now's a good a time as any to answer that… Oh, they want us to speed things up, so we'll talk about it later tonight, okay?"

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Hawn and Russell are open about why they never got married.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell posing while holding wine glasses
Goldie Hawn/Instagram

Given that they're been together for nearly 40 years, Russell and Hawn have been asked repeatedly about why they decided not to get married. The answer is pretty simple: They both were married before and it wasn't for them.

"We've been married before, didn't work. So why do it again?" Hawn said on the U.K. talk show Loose Women in 2015. She explained that the financial side of things turned her off from the idea. "Marriage ends up being a business deal, because at the end of a marriage, no matter how long or short it is, somebody owes somebody money," she said. "It's ridiculous to base your relationship on money, and money can destroy people."

On the Today show in Nov. 2020, Russell said that after he and Hawn decided to live together, "we said if this is ever an issue, if the kids feel we need to do this, then we'll get married." But, Hawn added during the interview, "they didn't want us to get married."

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In her birthday post, Hawn also said she "can't imagine life without" Russell.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell kissing while sitting near a stream
Goldie Hawn/Instagram

In addition to the Oscars video, Hawn wrote in her Instagram post: "Happy birthday baby! What a wild ride. No, we never got married but one thing that continues to grow is our love."

She went on to praise her partner of 38 years, writing, "You're a wild one, brilliant, lovable, childlike, perfectly maddening, a father supreme and deeply funny! I can't imagine my life without you at any age, Kurt Russell. You're the catch. And you're all mine."

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Kate Hudson shared her own sweet birthday message for her "pa," as she calls Russell.

An old photo of Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, and their children
Kate Hudson/Instagram

When they got together in 1983, Hawn had two children, Kate and Oliver Hudson, from her marriage to Bill Hudson, and Russell had a son, Boston Russell, from his marriage to Season Hubley. Together, they welcomed another son, Wyatt Russell.

Kate considers Russell her father, and she posted a lengthy message for his 70th birthday on Instagram. After pointing out that he'll probably never see the post since he's not on the platform, she explained the kind of dad he is: "Don't cry, shake it off you're ok, kinda dad. Don't let 'em push you around you got this, kinda dad. Don't listen to the noise you're doing great, kinda dad."

The actor continued, "He's an original. One of kind. A powerful, intelligent, talented, loyal family man. He has taught me that we can all exist with immense love through our differences. And his dedication to my mother and their fight for love forever is as admirable as it gets. I love this man so much!"

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