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Andy Cohen Says These Guests Were "Wasted" on "Watch What Happens Live"

"And I was like, 'Oh my god, how is this going to be?'"

Watch What Happens Live guests have been known to enjoy a drink or two when they're chatting with host Andy Cohen. (There's a bar on the set for a reason!) But while the late-night show is usually pretty loose and irreverent, there are still episodes that stand out in Cohen's memory as being particularly wild. In a recent interview, Cohen reminisced about the two stars who were already "wasted" when they stepped onto the WWHL stage. Read on to find out who it was and how the taping went, and for another interview that didn't go as planned, check out Jimmy Fallon Says This Celebrity Was His "Most Awkward" Interview Ever.

Cohen spilled the beans to Naomi Campbell on her YouTube show.

Andy Cohen at the GLAAD Media Awards in 2019
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When Cohen was a guest on No Filter With Naomi, earlier this month, Naomi Campbell asked if anyone had ever gotten drunk on WWHL. Cohen answered an emphatic yes, and then told the story of the time in 2011 when the show hosted Jackée Harry and Regina King, who were co-stars on the hit '80s sitcom 227.

"We did a 227 reunion with Jackée and Regina King," Cohen said. "And they came in, and they were wasted! And I was like, 'Oh my god, how is this going to be?' It was crazy."

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The actors easily admitted to viewers that they'd had a few.

Jackee Harry, Regina King, and Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" in 2011
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During the episode, King, Harry, and Cohen played several different games, some of which were Real Housewives of Atlanta-themed. During one of the games, "Jackée or Shereé," the 227 stars had to answer trivia questions about Harry and RHOA star Shereé Whitefield.

King and Harry also took a few questions from fans via Facebook. Cohen posed one viewer question that read, "What's in those drinks ladies, are you hammered?" King responded, "Probably," then Harry chimed in, "Most probably."

Neither WWHL nor King responded to a request for comment, but Harry's representative told Best Life that the actor remembers the interview "fondly." He also noted that Harry wanted to clarify, "We were not wasted…we were LIT."

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Cohen panicked at first.

andy cohen on red carpet
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Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter in January 2016, Cohen said that he was freaking out at first during the 227 reunion and that he even came to producers during a break to see how they thought he should proceed.

"I said to the control room, 'Oh my God, what are we going to do?'" Cohen told THR. "They were like, 'Are you kidding? This is so wildly entertaining. We are trending worldwide on Twitter right now.'"

Cohen also explained that what he loves most about his show is that it's a breeding ground for that kind of spontaneity. "Live TV is so fun and it allows anything to happen as long as we're transparent about what is happening," he said.

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King used to think of that appearance as an embarrassing moment.

Regina King at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Grants Banquet in 2018
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While appearing on the ESSENCE podcast Yes, Girl! in December of 2019, King said that when she saw her WWHL interview trending on Twitter, she was "mortified." But the Watchmen star came to realize that it actually helped audiences see her in a different light.

"What ended up happening for me, instead of going to a place of embarrassment, was how many people saw me as an uptight person," King explained. "Saw me a person who didn't let her hair down, saw me as a person that doesn't joke."

The Oscar winner went on to thank the show and its host for showing fans that this wasn't true. "I am a fool, but apparently only those close to me know," she continued. "It did allow the audience to know, 'Oh, she cool, yeah.' So, thanks, Andy!"

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