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See Both of "My Two Dads" Now, at 65 and 68

Actors Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan reunited recently.

In the late 1980s, fans were introduced to a new sitcom with an intriguing premise: What happens when two men who each might be the father of a tween girl are awarded joint custody after her mother dies? The show was the aptly titled My Two Dads, and it aired for three seasons, from 1987 to 1990. It starred Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan as the two titular fathers, while Staci Keanan played their daughter, Nicole.

Keanan has since retired from acting and is now an attorney and law professor. As for her TV fathers, they're both still in the business and have raised families of their own. Read on to find out about Reiser and Evigan's lives and careers today.

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Reiser went on to another popular sitcom.

Paul Reiser at the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Aside from My Two Dads, Reiser is well known for creating and starring in the long-running sitcom Mad About You, and for several hit movies, including Diner, Aliens, and Beverly Hills Cop. Recently, he appeared in the series Stranger Things and The Kominsky Method, and in the films Horse Girl and Fatherhood. He also starred in the 2019 Mad About You revival.

"This year I did two new shows … in both cases I'm sort of the older generation, as it should be," he told The Guardian in 2015. "But it doesn't seem that long ago when I would have read the script and thought, 'Oh I'm playing the 20-year-old.' No, you're playing the old guy." He added, "I'm at a point in my life that playing a cranky older guy is very appealing."

His family has influenced his work.

Paula Ravets and Paul Reiser at the "Stranger Things" season 3 premiere in 2019
Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

In addition to acting and writing for TV, Reiser has also written three books about different types of relationships: Couplehood, Babyhood, and Familyhood. Reiser has been married to his wife, Paula Ravets, since 1988, and they have two children, Ezra and Leon Reiser, who are in their 20s.

Evigan is still acting, too.

Greg Evigan at the Love & Bananas: An Elephant Story in 2018
Araya Doheny/Getty Images for Love & Bananas Movie, LLC

Like Reiser, Evigan is still an actor to this day. Before My Two Dads, he came to fame on B.J. and the Bear, and he has since appeared in Melrose Place, 7th Heaven, Touched by an Angel, and more. Some of his recent onscreen jobs include a recurring role on the soap opera General Hospital, and parts in the Christmas movies Blending Christmas and The Christmas Listing.

Evigan is also a theater actor. Most recently, he was in a production of Mask in 2008.

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He's also a musician.

Greg and Pam Evigan at the Kodak Film Awards in 2020
JC Olivera/Getty Images

The My Two Dads theme song was performed by Evigan, and according to him, music is his true love. "I've always tried to get music going. Theater and acting have paid the bills, but music is my passion," he told Fox News in 2017. He also shared that he's performed with his son, Jason Evigan, a performer, songwriter, and producer, who has worked with stars including Madonna, Maroon 5, and Nick Jonas.

"My son, Jason, is really big, he took off," Evigan told Fox News. "He asked me to do a favor for him. He'd lost his keyboard player and asked me to fill in. Who would turn down being in your son's band? I ended up doing it for three years. It was fun."

Evigan also has two daughters, Briana and Vanessa Evigan, who are both actors, with his wife of over 40 years, Pamela Serpe.

Evigan and Reiser have stayed friends.

In 2019, Reiser shared a photo of himself and Evigan when his former co-star supported him at one of his stand-up comedy shows—and referenced how they first crossed paths.

"'My 2 OLD Dads' – my pal #GregEvigan and his lovely wife Pam surprised me and showed up at my show tonight at #ThousandOaks Performing Arts Center," Reiser wrote. "We haven't aged a bit! That's my story and I'm sticking to it."

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