Scientists Revive "Zombie Viruses"

Should you worry? Long-dormant organisms are emerging as climate change melts permafrost in the Arctic.

A 1,000-Pound Meteoroid Crashed Over Texas, Shaking Residents' Houses, NASA Says

The space rock was two feet in diameter and weighed 1,000 pounds.

These Are the Deadliest Seats on Airplanes, According to Scientists

Some seats carry a greater risk than others.

U.S. Just Recorded Its Coldest-Ever Temperature

The all-time low came during the recent arctic blast that hit much of the Northeast.

​​The Zombie Fungus From "The Last of Us" Is Real, Scientists Say—Here's What We Know 

It's capable of infecting insects and draining the host body completely of nutrients.

Rich Guy Spends $2 Million Per Year to Look 18 Again—and His Doctors Say it's Working

Bryan Johnson is spending millions of dollars to try and regain his youth. 

Rare Green Comet Passing Earth Now Visible

The last time you could see this celestial object from our planet was 50,000 years ago.

Next Total Solar Eclipse Will Be Last Until 2044

You'll have to wait two decades to watch another one of the celestial events.

Rare Green Comet Appears in the Sky Tonight

It's possible you may even be able to spot the object without binoculars.