The 10 Most In-Demand Towns Everyone's Moving To, New Research Shows

These are the hottest housing markets, according to Zillow data.

Zillow is a great first stop when you're looking for a new home. The sheer volume of the site's visitors means that the company can glean insights about the market that the rest of us have missed. In fact, Zillow recently analyzed its own data to figure out which popular places are becoming the nation's newest hot spots. They looked at statistics for more than 2,000 U.S. cities, including consumer demand metrics, page-view traffic, home value growth, and days on the market, to find out where everyone is moving. The results? A list of the top 10 most popular towns that should be on your radar if a house hunt is in your future.

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Concord, New Hampshire

New Hampshire State House aerial view, Concord, New Hampshire NH, USA. New Hampshire State House is the nations oldest state house, built in 1816 - 1819.

The capital city of New Hampshire, Concord is home to a population of 44,000—but that number could soon grow, if Zillow data is any indication. Its historic main street just got a $14 million dollar facelift, meaning upgraded eateries, shopping options, and cultural venues.

Newington, Connecticut

Houses in suburb at Summer in the north America. Luxury houses with nice landscape.

Located in the center of Connecticut, Newington is part of Hartford County—one of the only actively growing counties in the state. A suburban alternative to Hartford's more urban feel, Newington draws many house hunters for the extra space and lower housing costs.

Twinsburg, Ohio

The township owned square in Twinsburg, Ohio, with landmarks and autumn colors

Twinsburg, Ohio is nestled between Cleveland and Akron, two major destinations for work and play. Yet the town's biggest claim to fame is for hosting its annual Twins Day Festival, a fundraising event that celebrates the uniqueness of twin sibling pairs.

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Middletown, Connecticut

Aerial view of Middletown, Connecticut at sunset in November

With a bustling and historic downtown, Middletown, Connecticut is a popular mainstay of Middlesex County. Residents love its dense suburban feel, ample arts and culture, and easy access to the great outdoors. It's also home to Wesleyan University, giving it a vibrant and youthful college-town feel.

Stow, Ohio

A very neat and colorful home with gorgeous outdoor landscape in suburbs

Interest in Stow, Ohio, another town located between Cleveland and Akron, is also on the rise. The town itself offers a suburban and somewhat sprawling feel, and its border abuts that of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, making it a great jumping-off point for outdoor adventure.

West Hartford, Connecticut

WEST HARTFORD, CT - MAY 16: Noah Webster statue in West Hartford, Connecticut, as seen on May 16, 2020.

Located just north of Newington, West Hartford is another Connecticut town with a lot to offer. House hunters may be especially drawn in by the Elizabeth Park Conservancy, the beautiful reservoir, and the busy shopping area at Blue Black Square.

Wethersfield, Connecticut

Historic house

Founded in 1633, the beautiful Wethersfield, Connecticut is known as "ye most ancient town" in the state. In fact, there are over 150 Colonial homes that have been carefully preserved over the years, the town's site notes. House hunters looking for distinctive architecture and a New England feel won't be disappointed in this area.

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Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA Skyline on the Merrimack River.

Located on the Merrimack River in southern New Hampshire, Manchester is among the fastest-growing towns in the granite state. It's got an art museum, science center, bustling downtown full of local shops, and more.

Nashua, New Hampshire

Fountain on the Nashua River against the background of a historic cotton factory building with a clock tower in the old industrial park of Nashua. New Hampshire, USA

Located about 25 minutes south of Manchester, Nashua, New Hampshire is also seeing an influx of interest. Residents say it has a neighborly atmosphere, plenty of gorgeous green space, and only a 50-minute commute to Boston.

West Chester, Pennsylvania

panorama of downtown suburban area and aerial view with sunset sky in Summer - West Chester , USA

Finally, taking the number one spot on Zillow's list of hot housing markets is West Chester, Pennsylvania, a quaint suburb of Philadelphia. "Given its relative affordability compared to larger cities nearby such as New York City and Washington, D.C., those looking for a break from city life may see West Chester as an attractive and affordable place to call home," Zillow explains.

However, it's worth noting that while West Chester was the most popular location, a broader look at the list reveals that small towns in New England reigned supreme in 2023. Seven of the top 10 most popular searches are located in New Hampshire or Connecticut, making a pretty great case for heading northeast on your house hunt.

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