These Are the Most Popular Dog Names and Cat Names of 2019

Rover's 2019 report reveals some of the top pet name trends of the year.

On Tuesday, the dog walking and pet sitting website Rover released its seventh annual report of the most popular names for dogs in the U.S. in 2019—and, for the first time ever, they included cats as well.

Bella, Luna, Lucy, and Daisy took the top spots for female dogs, while classics like Max, Charlie, Cooper, and Buddy held their top ranks among male dogs. Bella and Luna were also the two most popular names for female cats, followed by Lily, Lucy, and Kitty. For male cats, Oliver took the top spot, with Leo, Milo, and Charlie not too far behind.

According to Rover's research, 55 percent of pet parents approved of giving a dog or cat a human name, and 25 percent said they'd give their pet a name that they had considered for their child, indicating that the bond between humans and pets is increasingly similar to that of parents and babies. In addition, 80 percent of pet owners said they were getting their pets a gift this holiday season, and two-thirds have a stocking for their fur baby, further proof that our dogs and cats truly are members of the family.

Both cat and dog owners also look to pop culture and the royals as a source of inspiration for pet names. Given the popularity of Game of Thrones and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, it's no surprise that the name Arya Stark is up by 150 percent, and Maisel rose a whopping 1,000 percent. Meghan—as in Meghan Markle—is another name that saw an increase (42 percent), along with her son's name, Archie (up 45 percent), though neither of them dethroned the popular pet name Queen Elizabeth, which is once again up by 150 percent. Interestingly enough, Princess Diana was also up by 200 percent (which we can only assume is because the third season of Netflix's The Crown is finally at the edge of her storyline).

But it wasn't just princesses and fictional comedians who inspired pet names in 2019; names inspired by healthy habits also saw an uptick. For dogs, Kale is up by 70 percent and Keto is up by 56 percent, while names like Chia and Bobba are popping for cats. But sweets are also still popular pet names, with Oreo, Cookie, and Sugar dominating the ranks. The one difference among food names between cat and dog owners boiled down to beverages. Cat owners seem more keen on caffeine-inspired names like Mocha, Kona, and Latte, whereas dog owners prefer Rosé (up by 183 percent). We'll drink to that!

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