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5 Wearable Items That Keep Mosquitoes Away

Put on these clothes and accessories the next time you're heading outside.

It's safe to assume that when you're outside, you want to enjoy your time rather than worry about being a mosquito's next target. While there are plenty of common ways to deter the pesky insects—adding certain plants to your garden or using a scented spray, for example—you can also stay safe with certain mosquito-repellent clothing. Keep reading to hear from pest experts about the wearable items that will keep mosquitoes away.

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Light-colored clothing

Older Woman Walking Outside in Light Clothing
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Mosquitoes are most attracted to darker colors, as they provide a better visual contrast.

"It's always better to lean toward light-colored attire or accessories when you'll be outside," says Emma Grace Crumbley, an entomologist for Mosquito Squad. "Stick to white, pastel colors, or lighter shades of blue. These shades reduce overall visibility and can help mosquitoes land elsewhere. Black and red are colors you should definitely avoid if you can since the darker tones also cause you to sweat more."

"Mosquitoes use heat and sweat as indicators for potential hosts, so the hotter you are/the more you sweat, the easier a target you become," Crumbley explains.

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Electronic wristbands

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Instead of relying solely on bug spray, you can also try an electronic wristband that helps to keep mosquitoes away.

"These items release scents like citronella or essential oils, creating a localized barrier that repels mosquitoes around the wearer," shares David Price, ACE, director of technical services and associate certified entomologist at Mosquito Joe.

According to Mashable, the electronic wristbands are more protective than standard citronella bracelets because the band "releases ultrasonic waves that create frequencies similar to the ones insects make designed to drive them away."

While the band is not 100 percent effective, it does add an extra layer of protection when you're outside. Most times, these bands are also water resistant.

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Hats with netting

Man Outside with Mosquito Hat On
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Hats with netting are a good option if you're going to be outside for long periods of time, especially if you're going on a hike.

"These hats protect the face and neck from mosquito bites while allowing airflow, making them ideal for outdoor activities in mosquito-prone areas," says Price.

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Repellent clothing

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With new technologies and special fabrics, you can actually find clothes that deter mosquitoes. While they're often made for camping gear or military personnel, these clothing items are now more widely available.

"Clothing treated with repellent chemicals, such as permethrin, creates a barrier that mosquitoes cannot easily penetrate, providing extended protection," says Price.

As David Brown, technical advisor of the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA), told TODAY, permethrin-treated clothing "repels all flying insects in addition to ticks, and this method of protection is endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)."

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Repellent socks

Woman putting on white socks in bedroom, closeup

Mosquitoes love to nibble on feet and ankles, so shoe covers or repellent socks are a great alternative to wearing bug spray.

"Treated covers protect feet and ankles, which are common mosquito bite targets," Price tells Best Life. And like repellent clothing, socks are also treated with permethrin to keep mosquitoes at bay. Even if you don't have these items, wearing regular socks that cover your ankles still provides some protection.

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