Miranda Lambert Just Shared This "Special Moment" With Ex Blake Shelton

"It was really a special moment and I'm so glad we shared that song."

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were one of the most famous country singer couples when they were together, so it's no surprise that the pair's breakup made just as many headlines as their relationship. While the two have moved on, Lambert can still joyfully reflect on some of the memorable moments they had as a couple. Recently, Lambert recalled an intimate experience they shared when writing an award-winning song together. Read on to see what she had to say about this "special moment" with Shelton, and for more famous exes, Jennifer Aniston Says This Is Her Biggest Regret About Brad Pitt.

Miranda Lambert shared her experience co-writing "Over You" with Blake Shelton.

Miranda Lambert

During a discussion with Essentials Radio on Apple Music, Lambert opened up about writing the song "Over You" with Shelton back in 2011. The track scored Lambert a Country Music Award for Song of the Year in 2012. According to Lambert, the song was inspired by Shelton's late brother, Richie Shelton.

"My ex-husband, Blake, had lost a brother, and it's one of those moments where even if you're married to someone, sometimes you find something new about them," Lambert said. "Dudes don't open up about things, but he started telling me about the experience of it all. And I was like, 'Have you ever written about it?'" Shelton hadn't, which led to the pair co-writing "Over You." And for another notable country couple, discover The One Thing Worrying Garth Brooks Most About His Wife Having COVID.

Lambert offered to bring outsider perspective to help write the song with Shelton.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton

Shelton told Lambert that his father used to say, "You don't get over it. You just get used to it." Lambert then suggested that the two could write about Shelton's brother together, if that wasn't too invasive for Shelton. "I would never try to write your story because I didn't live it, but maybe I could help because I'm an outside perspective, but I feel your pain talking to me right now," she told her then-husband. Ultimately, Shelton agreed they would write the song together. And for more on celebrity romance, Jennifer Aniston Shared the One Thing She'd Never Do in a Relationship.

The couple shared a "special moment" writing the song together.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton

As Lambert reflected on the experience of writing the song with Shelton, she was grateful. "It was really a special moment, and I'm so glad we shared that song and that it helped his family heal, to have that together," she said.

The song clearly resonated with people beyond Shelton's family, as it won multiple awards and hit No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts. And for more celebrity content delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Shelton and Lambert split in 2015.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton

Lambert and Shelton were together for 10 years and married for four before they split in 2015. "This is not the future we envisioned," the pair wrote in a statement to the Associated Press. "And it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately. We are real people, with real lives, with real families, friends, and colleagues. Therefore, we kindly ask for privacy and compassion concerning this very personal matter." And for more stars who parted ways but stayed close, check out these 48 Celebrity Exes Who Are Best Friends Now.

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