Mike Myers' Bodyguard Says He Was Immediately Fired for Making Eye Contact With Him

Jay Brody claims he lost his job on the 2008 movie The Love Guru for a bizarre reason.

Mike Myers went from being a fan-favorite Saturday Night Live cast member to a full-fledged comedy movie star, but at least one person who worked on one of the actor's sets didn't have such a great time. Security guard-turned-radio DJ Jay Brody went viral after posting a tweet about working with Myers on the 2008 movie The Love Guru. He quote-tweeted a video of John Wick 4 star Keanu Reeves helping the crew by carrying equipment with his story about the Wayne's World star, which he evidently feels to be the polar opposite. After his post made the rounds, Brody shared more of his story on his radio show. The Vancouver DJ claims that he was fired from The Love Guru only hours after beginning work, simply because he looked at Myers. Read on to find out more.

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Brody brought up his story in praise of Reeves.

In light of the recent release of John Wick: Chapter 4, a video of Reeves hauling production equipment up a flight of stairs from November 2021 recirculated on Twitter.

Some fans praised Reeves for pitching, especially as the star of the movie, but others weren't impressed.

Brody noted that Reeves should be lauded, because moving equipment is not normally in the job description of the talent, and because, in his experience, movie sets usually aren't so egalitarian.

"People saying that 'he shouldn't be praised for helping' have no idea what it's like working in film," Brody posted. "Mike Myers had me fired off the set of The Love Guru because I made eye contact with him, and I was there as his body guard… [crying-laughing emoji] Give Keanu his roses."

Brody says he was told the rule about looking at Myers in advance.

After his tweet went viral, Brody revealed more on his radio show, Carly and Jay, which he co-hosts with Carly Meyers.

"It was years ago. I was working in film security, and I got a call from a company that hired out guards, and they said, 'Do you want a job on the film The Love Guru?" Brody began. "I'm like, 'Sure. What would I be doing?' 'You'll be basically guarding Mike Myers' trailer on the film sets wherever they go.'"

Brody said he had done jobs like that before, so he felt comfortable taking it on. But, he said he was also told, "Here's the catch, can't look at him."

"Well, I need to look at him to see him to be his bodyguard," the DJ remembered responding. Whoever was staffing him then reiterated, "If you look at him, you're going to get fired."

Brody also learned that the Canadian actor would be in costumes that would make it difficult to discern who he was. But, the company assured him that even if he got fired, they'd find him more work, given the situation.

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He says he got a phone call within an hour of making eye contact with the star.

Mike Myers at the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards
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Brody said on his radio show that, within the first hour he was working on The Love Guru, he saw "a man approaching in a long wig, a fake beard…" He continued, "I'm like, oh, I think that's Mike Myers."

The DJ decided to look away, per his instructions, but realized that he did need to see if the person approaching was really the star, because he couldn't "let just anyone into the trailer."

He went on, "So, I look up, I catch his eye for a second, I give him a nod to let him know I'm cool, and then I look away. And within an hour, I get a phone call letting me know that I'm fired and I have to get off the set, because I broke this weird rule."

In an additional tweet, Brody claimed, "Everyone I worked with got fired within 48 hours."

Other people shared similar accounts.

Mike Myers at the premiere of "The Love Guru" in 2008
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In response to Brody's tweet, a few people spoke out about their own knowledge of The Love Guru—which was critically panned and a flop at the box office—while others shared their experiences on other movie sets.

"Oh man, what dept were you in?" filmmaker Cavan Campbell responded. "The rigging best boy literally started his morning safety meetings with a warning to just walk quietly away if you ever so much as saw Myers within 200' of you."

Someone else posted, "I was an extra in Love Guru and remember being told that we can't make eye contact with Mike. When I tell people this, they don't believe me. Thanks for confirming. But [Jessica] Alba was a dream!"

Best Life has reached out to a representative for Myers for comment but has not yet received a response.

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