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Meet the Stunning New Miss USA—Photos

Introducing Sarah Rose Summers of Omaha, Nebraska

On Monday night, Miss USA held its annual pageant, and crown went to 23-year-old Sarah Rose Summers, who competed as Miss Nebraska.

#MissUSA 2018 is… NEBRASKA!!

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The winner beat out 50 other competitors for the coveted crown, followed by Miss North Carolina (Caelynn Miller-Keyes) as runner-up and Miss Nevada (Carolina Urrea) as second runner-up.

According to the official Miss USA website, Summers is a Pilates instructor and Certified Child Life Specialist.

Hey YOU – did you hear Miss USA is tomorrow!? 💖✨ #Missusa

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Her interest in the field stems from her own childhood medical issues. At just four years old, Summers was hospitalized with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), a disorder that can lead to easy or excessive bruising and bleeding. The experience made her passionate about helping parents whose children have been hospitalized understand and deal with the emotional ordeal.

"And so it was that she, having waited long and endured patiently, realized and obtained what God had promised." After applying to to multiple hospitals nationwide for 5 separate seasons over 2 years to obtain my practicum and internship, moving to a different state to complete my internship while prepping for Miss Nebraska USA, studying for my certification exam on planes and cars and in hotel rooms during this journey to Miss USA, taking my exam the week of the Miss USA location and date announcement – look what came in the mail today! I am officially a Certified Child Life Specialist. Wow. It's safe to say I wrestled with Him throughout this journey, questioning why He would put this passion on my heart and gift me with the skills but not allow me to obtain a position. But trusting that He knows me today, tomorrow, next week, and years from now helped me keep the faith. He is so good and it truly is all in His timing. Rely on these truths when you feel like you're facing obstacles and never give up on your dreams! 🙌🏼 thankful for countless people who believed in me and pushed me to continue Pershing my dreams throughout this process. Jeremiah 1:5 Proverbs 16:9 Romans 8:28 Sincerely, Sarah Rose Summers, CCLS

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An Omaha native, Summers graduated from Texas Christian University in four years with two degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communication with a business minor and a Bachelor of Science in Child Development.

I'm typically hesitant post pictures of my body, due to the potential for controversy about being a Christian woman putting swimsuit photos on social media. However, I am grateful God gave me a healthy body and the skills and talents to make my craziest dreams attainable. I never would have imagined I wouldn't only win Miss Nebraska USA, but also the swimsuit award. I may not have the "perfect" body but I never deprived myself, I enjoyed my workouts, I took days off, and heck I even ate @halotopcreamery up until pageant weekend. If you're questioning if you can have the "perfect" body you think the girl on social media or the magazine covers has, quit that right now! If you are questioning if you can be strong or fit, I want to encourage you that your body can likely do what you've never imagined. It takes self-discipline, persistence, and (and maybe a rockin' trainer like @johnbentonmodelfitness)…but it can happen. Set your goals. Share them with others. Believe in yourself! Put in the work. Trust His plan. You'll see results. ✨💕 #confidentlybeautiful

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While at college, she studied abroad in Peru. She's also worked with children who have been traumatized in the foster care system at a camp in Alaska.

As a football fan, she's also previously worked on the promotions team of the Dallas Cowboys.

And before you ask, it looks like she's taken…

Summers will now continue to represent the USA in the Miss Universe competition.

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