Mark Hamill Posts Touching Photo with Harrison Ford and Star Wars Fans Are Going Crazy

It's the Luke and Han reunion we deserved!

carrie fisher, harrison ford, mark hamill in the original star wars trilogy

So you've seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, right? If you haven't, be warned that major spoilers lie ahead. But if you have, you know that the most devastating scene in the entire film is the one where Kylo Ren drives a lightsaber through his own father—the one and only Han Solo—long before we finally get to see Luke Skywalker living out his twilight years as a hermit on a remote island.

In other words, we never got to see the two old friends from the original trilogy reunite in the new trilogy. And that's why the heart of every Star Wars fan broke when Mark Hamill recently posted a photo of the reunion that could have been.

The photo took place almost exactly a year ago, at Hamill's Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony. While it wasn't widely reported at the time, Harrison Ford gave a great speech at his longtime colleague's ceremony, starting with, "Wow, there were a lot more people who showed up at my star."

It's not clear why Hamill chose to share this photo at this exact time, but it's no surprise that it's giving people a lot of feelings.

And it's by no means the first time that Hamill has broken hearts across the Internet. He's known for frequently posting touching tributes to his former co-star, the inimitable Carrie Fisher. He's also cracked some hilarious jokes about retro figurines made in his likeness. And, in December 2017, a behind-the-scenes story about a time when Hamill went out of his way to make a terminally ill's child wish come true went viral.

And while it would take some hologram magic to make Solo ever return, it's nice to know he lives on in the form of the real-life hero that is Harrison Ford. For more on this, check out the time the 76-year-old saved a woman from a blazing car crash.

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