This Margot Robbie Honeymoon Story Will Crack You Up

Starring Ellen Degeneres, Barack Obama, and a serious wardrobe malfunction.

On a recent episode of Ellen, Margot Robbie recounted how she first met the daytime talk show host, and it is really one for the books.

Last year, Robbie secretly married British director Tom Ackerley in an intimate ceremony in her homeland, Australia. Because of her demanding shooting schedule for I, Tonya, the couple didn't manage to go on their honeymoon until January, when they whisked off to spend some quality time together in Tahiti.

The first part of the honeymoon took place in a little love shack on an island where there was no electricity, but the latter half was spent in a lovely luxury hotel. Since it was raining, they figured they might as well hit the gym, so they changed into gym clothing. And let's just say her husband's shorts left very little to the imagination. But they figured, Hey, who cares? Who are we gonna see?

Well, as soon as the walk in, there's Ellen Degeneres running on a treadmill next to her wife, Portia de Rossi, and standing next to them is none other than former President Barack Obama. What followed was a pretty hilarious stretching class, at the end of which, Ellen turned to Ackerley and said, "Boy, those were the wrong shorts to wear today."

To see the bit in real time, check out the video below. And for more wacky celebrity stories, don't miss the 20 Craziest Hollywood Rumors of All Time.

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