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Woman Finds Thousands of Hatched Praying-Mantis Bugs in Christmas Tree

Add this to list of “cons” of real Christmas trees. 

The debate between whether to get a real or fake Christmas tree has been argued for decades on end. There are undeniable pros and cons to both. Real trees smell better and offer that authentic Christmas feel. However, it involves killing a tree, real trees are more likely to catch on fire, and are kind of messy. Fake trees on the other hand are often prelit, saving lots of time stringing lights, and reusable year after year. However, they don't offer that authentic pine aroma, and tend to look, well fake. One woman on TikTok has offered a new con of real trees to the argument: They are more likely to host bugs — like thousands of praying mantis'. 

Andrew Shared a Video About Her Surprise Discovery

christmas tree and christmas decorations

Andrea, who goes by the TikTok handle @andeekitty, shared a video about the surprise she found in her real Christmas tree: Thousands of praying mantis bugs. 

She Found "A Million" Praying Mantis Babies in Her Tree


"That time our tree hatched a million friends," Andrea wrote in the text overlay. In the freaky photo, baby praying-mantis bugs can be seen all over the tree.

Now, "Only Fake Trees"

fake christmas trees in the store

Andrea, grossed out by the discovery, claims she has sworn off real trees. "Only fake trees from now on," she added. 

She Concluded: "Beware of the Real Trees

A Christmas tree vendor selling a tree to a young woman
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"Beware of the real trees," she added in the video's caption adding the hashtags #christmastreefail and #faketreenextyear.

Other People Chimed in On Similar Experiences


Andrea isn't the only person who has discovered bugs and other animals in their tree. Several people commented, sharing their experiences. 

One Woman Found Recluse Spiders in Her Tree

Horizontal image of a venomous brown recluse or fiddleback spider hiding inside a pair of denim jean pants.

Mine was filled with brown recluse spiders with a bunch of babies," commented another person. "My whole house was covered and my puppy was bitten on his nose and died within 2 hours."

Someone Even Found a Bat

bats hanging in a wooden attic
Shutterstock/Lillian Tveit

"I had a bat in mine one year," wrote another. "That was fun."

It Happened to Someone's Neighbor and "They Chucked the Tree"

elementary age boy uses magnifying glass to discover nature. This curious, student explorer excitedly investigates a praying mantis, which he holds in his hand. Nature background. The child is of Asian, Indian, or Latin descent. Science, education themes.

"This happened to an old neighbor of mine, they chucked the tree right off the second story deck," another chimed in. 

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Others Said They Will Be Getting Fake Trees From Now On

pine cone on pine tree

"The fresh pine smell ain't worth this," one concluded. Another agreed: "Nevermind I don't want a real tree," they wrote. 

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