These Viral Observations A Librarian Shared On Twitter Will Shock You

The generational divide is definitely strong.

You may think of libraries as homes to thousands of books or unofficial study centers, but it turns out, they are the perfect place to do some serious sociological research. On Thursday, Twitter user @grumpwitch shared a list of 28 things they've learned while working in a library—and very little of it is about books.

For example, apparently, there's a disconcerting amount of people who don't know how to spell "library," and young people who can't read analog clocks anymore.

Librarians help seeing- and hearing-impaired people with much more than reading.

And while older people read at a lightning-fast pace, they struggle with modern technology.

Speaking of times changing, the Twitter user also shared that libraries are no longer necessarily "quiet."

But they continue to be a refuge for everyone, regardless of their situation or socio-economic background.

Like teachers, being a librarian is one of the few jobs in which employees are compelled to take materials from home to bring to work rather than the other way around. This includes everything from light bulbs to laminators.

But the best thing about being a librarian? Seeing a young reader literarily graduate.

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