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See "Just Shoot Me!" Star Laura San Giacomo Now at 59

The Pretty Woman actor is on another hit TV show these days.

Whether it's from a long-running sitcom or an all-time classic romantic comedy, there's a good chance you recognize Laura San Giacomo. The actor starred in the NBC series Just Shoot Me!, about the office of a fashion magazine, from 1997 to 2003, and she also played Julia Roberts' character's best friend, Kit De Luca, in 1990's Pretty Woman, in addition to many other roles. These days San Giacomo, now 59, is still acting and has appeared on many popular series in recent years. Read on to find out more about her life and career today.

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You can catch her on a popular crime drama.

Laura San Giacomo at the 1994 Independent Spirit Awards
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc via Getty Images

Well before Just Shoot Me!, San Giacomo was already acting. Her big break came in 1989 with her role in Sex, Lies, and Videotape. She was also in the movies Quigley Down Under, Once Around, and Under Suspicion.

Since Just Shoot Me! ended in 2003, San Giacomo has made a number of guest appearances on TV shows, and she's also played regular roles on Veronica Mars, Saving Grace, and Animal Kingdom. Currently, she has a recurring role on NCIS. She was also in the 2019 movie Honey Boy and the 2021 movie Violet.

"NCIS has a lot of play in it, even though some of the subject matter is not light and airy," she told Oprah: Where Are They Now (via Entertainment Tonight). "But there is a feeling to it that is really playful and has a depth to it. So, that's exactly what I wanted, some place where I felt like I could… there was really a warm, creative environment, and that's what's there."

She reunited with her Just Shoot Me! costars.

Wendie Malick, George Segal, Laura San Giacomo, and David Spade at Segal's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony
Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Television

In 2020, the cast, creator, and director of Just Shoot Me! reunited for a virtual chat for Hulu. They looked back on their favorite moments from the show and reminisced about their time together. You can watch the full reunion on YouTube.

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She's a wife and mother.

Laura San Giacomo at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival
George Pimentel/Getty Images

San Giacomo has been married twice. She was married to actor Cameron Dye from 1990 to 1998, and they share a son, Mason Dye, who is now 26. Since 2000, San Giacomo has been married to actor Matt Adler.

She's an advocate for people with disabilities.

Laura San Giacomo at the premiere of "Honey Boy" in 2019
Rachel Luna/FilmMagic via Getty Images

San Giacomo's son has cerebral palsy, and she has been passionately involved in education for children with disabilities and changing the way these differences are viewed. As reported by The New York Times, San Giacomo helped start the CHIME Institute's charter school at which children with disabilities and without all learn together as equals.

As a mother with this kind of experience, San Giacomo wishes that society would look at the parents of children with disabilities differently.

"What would happen if the doctor said to you—instead of these ridiculously heartbreaking predictions, which are so often not true—why don't they say to you, 'Look, this is the greatest gift that you are going to be given,'" she explained on Oprah: Where Are They Now. "'This is the chance for you to become smarter and more inventive than you ever through you would be. You are being called to the biggest plate of your life. You are going to understand the meaning of parenthood more than you ever could. You are going to experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and it's going to the the biggest love affair of your life. Now, let's acknowledge your gift and now let's get to work.'"

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