How to Buy Your Kid a Future (In One Simple Move)

Give Junior a jump-start on the road to a prosperous life.

If your children are still in diapers, they're probably not ready for your lecture on the power of compounding interest. Get their nest eggs started yourself with UTMA custodial accounts. You can contribute cash, stock, and even real estate to these accounts, which the kids won't be able to touch until they're 21 (depending on which state you live in). And because the first $850 in annual earnings is tax-free, and the next $850 is taxed at the child's rate, these accounts are a handy place to stash assets that are weighing on your own tax bill, like unsold shares of stock.

Best Life No-Brainer

As soon as your kid gets his first summer-job paycheck, open a Roth IRA for him. You can invest up to $5,000, or whatever he earns. By the time today's 15-year-olds are 65, that five large will be worth a cool $92,000…or perhaps a lot more. And to feel 17 again, check out these 12 Instantly Effective Age Erasers!


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