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Here's How Much Your Childhood Barbies Are Really Worth Now, New Data Shows

The most valuable vintage Barbie doll is worth over $25,000. Is your doll on the list?

Greta Gerwig's Barbie is poised to be the movie of the summer, sparking what many are calling "Barbie fever." You can't channel surf or scroll social media without a flash of pink and a glimpse of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling dressed up as the iconic Barbie and Ken. While the vibrantly hued film (in theaters July 21) is likely to be a major hit, all the talk of Barbie is nostalgic for many of us. Perhaps the trailer even inspired you to rummage through your basement for some long-forgotten Barbie dolls. If you did stumble on your favorites from decades past, it could be your lucky day: Some of these dolls are actually worth thousands of dollars. Read on to find out how much your Barbies could earn you today.

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You can get roughly $1,000 for the top seven most valuable Barbies.

barbie close up
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According to data released by BonusFinder, specific Mattel Barbies are the most valuable to own. The Barbie coming in at number 10 is more recent then you might expect—released in 2011—but it's definitely worth more than you originally paid for it: The Bob Mackie Countess Dracula Barbie has a maximum retail value today of $886.

Next up is the 1995 Harvey Nichols Special Edition Barbie, which was sold only in England, now valued at $900 for resale. The eighth most valuable doll is the Barbie Baby-Sits outfit and toy set from 1963, which can earn you $1,036, while the Special 2000 Edition Celebration Barbie is worth up to $1,051.

The Byron Lars Coco Barbie from 2007 is even more valuable, with a resale valuable of $1,101, and the City Smart Barbie from 2003 will get you $1,151 from the right buyer. The 10th Anniversary special edition of Happy Holidays Barbie that debuted in 1997 comes in at the fourth most expensive right now, with a resale value of $1,201.

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If you saved the original Barbie, you'll be glad you did.

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The third and second most expensive Barbies are, surprisingly enough, also from the 2000s, according to BonusFinder. Golden Gala Barbie from 2009 and Dahlia Barbie from 2006, both designed by seasoned Barbie doll designer Robert Best, will earn you $1,451 and $2,423, respectively. The Golden Gala doll has a long, golden mermaid-style gown, while the Dahlia Barbie has a full black gown with white lace details and white satin gloves.

But there's one Barbie that outshines all the rest by a long shot, and that's the original—Barbie #1 from 1959.

"It's no surprise to announce that the most valuable Barbie doll of all time is the original Barbie #1," the BonusFinder study reads. "This vintage Barbie doll was produced in 1959 and originally priced at just $3. The maximum resale value of Barbie #1 is now at a staggering $27,450, which is great news for anyone lucky enough to own one of these dolls."

You can recognize this doll by her black and white striped swimsuit, bright red lipstick, and gold hoop earrings. Per BonusFinder, both blonde and brunette Barbie #1 dolls were sold. (A redheaded doll wasn't available until Barbie #3 in 1961.)

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You have a few options for your Barbies.

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If you don't find any of these Barbie dolls in your collection, it's still worth it to check the value of those you do have.

"As popularity and availability increases, resale value goes down. As a rule of thumb, the older the Barbie, the more she'll be worth—especially in mint or good condition," Fintan Costello, managing director at BonusFinder, said in a press release provided to Best Life. "If you've still got any Barbies from the '60s, '70s or '80s it could be worth checking their condition and value."

At that point, you can determine what you want to do with your doll: hold onto it, cash in and sell, or recycle it via Mattel's "PlayBack" program. If you send back unwanted Barbies to the company's California office, Mattel will sort them and make them into new toys when possible.

However, if you decide to hold onto your collection and potentially sell, keep a few things in mind.

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Keep your Barbies in good condition.

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It may seem like common sense, but you'll probably get more money for a Barbie that's in better condition.

If you have a vintage doll, BonusFinder recommends keeping it "in pristine condition to preserve it's resale value." This includes keeping it away from direct sunlight and heat, which can damage the dolls. Also be sure to keep your dolls clean by using a dry cloth, toothbrush, or makeup brush.

If you held on to the original boxes your Barbies came in, well played. Not only does this keep your Barbie protected from damage, it's that much rarer—and therefore, more valuable.

Finally, if you're selling, do your due diligence. "When looking to sell your Barbie dolls, or any collectible for that matter, always check other listings to make sure your Barbie comes with all of the extra items she should—if not, value may decrease significantly," Costello says.

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