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Home Depot Shoppers Can't Get Enough of This Product: "You Won't Be Disappointed"

Snag it now and get 50 percent off.

Aside from your typical nuts and bolts, Home Depot sells a variety of big-ticket items, including refrigerators, washing machines, and even patio sets. Of course, when you're dropping cash on a pricier purchase, it's only natural to want to feel confident in your decision. Thankfully, shoppers are saying that "you won't be disappointed" if you spring for one trendy new item. Read on to find out which Home Depot item customers can't get enough of.

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Home Depot is a popular destination for seasonal decorations.

home depot skelly
Home Depot

Some of us go all out when it comes to Halloween decorations. Home Depot has made a name for itself as a go-to spot for spooky décor, and the chain's 12-foot skeleton, "Skelly," has become a bit of a social media phenomenon. On the rare occasion it's in stock, it sells out at lightning speed.

Demand from shoppers prompted other retailers to develop dupes, and some even said Best Buy's eight-foot skeleton is "better quality" than the original. But Home Depot is leveling up by introducing a fearsome friend for Skelly.

There's a new monster on the block.

home depot halloween werewolf
Home Depot

This spooky season, you won't only spot a sea of skeletons in your neighborhood—you might see werewolves, too. Home Depot's "Animated Immortal Werewolf Halloween Animatronic" is taking a turn at center stage, The Washington Post reported. The werewolf is 9.5 feet tall, which makes it a bit shorter than Skelly, but that doesn't mean it's any less scary.

It has yet to be formally nicknamed, but the monstrous animatronic comes with built-in motion sensors, light-up eyes, a moving jaw, and the ability to "howl and snarl" at passersby, according to the Home Depot product page. The werewolf also has a menacing stare and pose, dressed in a ripped flannel and shredded jean shorts.

Sound appealing? So close to Halloween, you can bring the werewolf home for $199—a 50 percent discount from its normal price tag of $399. Even if it you can't display it this Halloween, you'll have secured a much cheaper werewolf for use during the 2023 Halloween season.

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The werewolf has been highly anticipated.

halloween decorations home depot
Eric Broder Van Dyke / Shutterstock

For devout Halloween decorators, the werewolf is a welcome addition to their spooky lineup, which is why so many shoppers were anxiously awaiting its arrival. According to The Washington Post, rumors of the werewolf's introduction were circulating before it was confirmed via leaked photos from Home Depot's conference in the spring. The product was first available for purchase on July 15, which was this year's "Orange Friday" (the name given to the day that Home Depot starts selling its Halloween products).

"We all were like rabid fiends trying to get it," Holly Agouridis, a member of a Halloween decoration Facebook group, told The Washington Post. According to product reviews, other who got their hands on a werewolf were pretty pleased.

Shoppers have left rave reviews.

home depot werewolf
Home Depot

A majority of the 240 reviews for the "immortal werewolf" are positive, with one shopper raving, "It is awesome! Everyone loves it! The moving eyes are a huge plus! You won't be disappointed!!!"

Another shopper gave the outdoor decoration a five-star rating, calling it "a stunning addition to your haunt," while a different reviewer added, "Everyone that stops to checkout our display is in awe of him."

Some even prefer the werewolf over their beloved Skelly and Home Depot's "Animated Hovering Witch Halloween Animatronic," which is also 12-feet tall.

"I have the skeleton, witch and this guy and he is the BEST one of all," a reviewer wrote of the werewolf.

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Others weren't as impressed.

the home depot logo
Rob Wilson / Shutterstock

Some shoppers did note issues with the animatronics, sound, and setup. "This item was not made well," one review reads. "Metal pieces don't line up right and the plastic pieces don't leave easy access for putting together or taking apart. Highly don't recommend."

To avoid assembly issues, reviewers recommended watching instructional videos on YouTube, but others said the werewolf itself was faulty.

"The first one I got did not work," a one-star review reads. "The second one worked at first and then quit working…about to return it…other than that it looks cool."

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