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9 Daily Habits of People With High IQs

Are you smarter than most? If you do these things every day, you just might be.

Intelligence is an attractive quality. But you don't have to be Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking to start making smarter choices in your life. The most intelligent people in the world do certain things daily in order to sharpen their minds and keep them that way. Talking to experts, we gathered insight on some of these bright behaviors that you may want to incorporate into your life—maybe you're sharp enough that you do some of them already. Read on to discover nine daily habits of people with a high IQ.

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They engage in active listening.

During a counseling session, the unrecognizable mid adult female patient gestures while speaking. The mid adult female therapist listens attentively.

Smart people don't just spend their time spouting out information to others—they make sure to engage in active listening every day, too, according to Bayu Prihandito, a life coach who specializes in mental health and the founder of Life Architekture.

"It's about understanding the world and problems from different perspectives and angles," he explains. "Active listening builds better relationships and improves their comprehension of many different topics."

They take time management seriously.

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Those with higher IQs are also intentional with how they spend their time.

"They usually have well-structured days, prioritizing tasks and managing time effectively," says Parker Gilbert, founder and CEO of the tech data company Numeric. "This habit allows them to focus on problem-solving and creativity, without the distraction of disorganization."

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They are physically active.

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Intelligent people believe that a healthy body really does help make a healthy brain, Prihandito says.

"They understand the symbiotic relationship between their physical health and brain health," he shares, noting that physical activity can help to improve your "mood, health, and cognitive functions."

Those with high IQs go for activities like running, swimming, or yoga in particular, Gilbert adds.

"Physical well-being is directly correlated to mental well-being, and aerobic exercises have been shown to improve cognitive functions," he says.

They do prep work before making decisions.

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Of course, much of the work is not physical but mental.

"High-IQ individuals also regularly exercise their critical thinking skills," Denny Mah, a practicing lawyer based in Canada, tells Best Life.

They do this by "questioning assumptions, analyzing problems, and considering various viewpoints before making decisions every day."

They seek feedback.

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Smart people don't think they're above being wrong either. In fact, they often seek out feedback in their daily life because it "offers opportunities for personal growth and self-awareness," according to Prihandito.

"Recognizing one's blind spots and areas for improvement is a sign of intelligence," he confirms.

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They do mindfulness meditation.

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If you want to incorporate more daily habits of those with high IQs into your own life, mindfulness meditation is an easy practice you can do for five to 10 minutes every day. It "reduces stress, improves focus, and helps in understanding and managing your emotions better," according to Prihandito.

"Mindful meditation is a tool for mental clarity," he explains. "High IQ people often have to deal with complex problems and challenge—and a clear mind can lead them to making better decisions."

They make time to read.


It may seem cliché, but smarter people do love to read—especially because they tend to have a "commitment to continuous learning," says Akshaya Srivatsa, healthcare expert and co-founder of Carebetter.

"Reading every day fosters critical thinking and broadens their perspectives," he points out. "This helps to keep their minds active and updated."

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They network with others.

Happy coworkers talking at office

Networking is also a necessary habit for those of a higher intelligence.

"They value human connections—not just for social benefits but for intellectual growth," Gilbert says. "Many high-IQ individuals regularly engage in deep, meaningful conversations with a diverse group of people."

They set aside time to rest.

Handsome young man sleeping in bed at home
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You don't have to stay up all night reading or having deep conversations with others, however. In fact, all "smart people understand the value of rest," according to Gilbert.

"The brain needs downtime to process information and generate insights," he explains. "Therefore, those with high IQs make sure to get adequate sleep and take short breaks during the day."

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