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Glen Powell Breaks Silence on Rumored Affair With Co-Star Sydney Sweeney

Gossip circulated that the actors were more than friends when they filmed their upcoming rom-com.

Thanks to the apparent chemistry between co-stars Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney, their upcoming rom-com Anyone But You is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. But among audiences just looking forward to a funny, romantic movie are those who are hoping that art is imitating life. In April, fans and entertainment news publications alike began digging into the co-stars' relationship, leading to claims—many of them hopeful—that they were having an affair. At the time, Powell was in a relationship with model and designer Gigi Paris, and Sweeney was engaged to Jonathan Davino. Powell and Paris have since split up; Sweeney and Davino are still together.

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The "evidence" cited that there was something going on between Powell and Sweeney included the way they looked at each other in photos at events and on Instagram, the fact that Powell and Paris split up, and an Instagram post from Paris in which she wrote, "know your worth & onto the next." Rumors also circulated that Sweeney and Davino's relationship was on the rocks—fueled by photos of him leaving her home with luggage and other items. Those rumors proved to be untrue.

In a new interview with Men's Health, Powell finally responded the gossip about himself and Sweeney.

"When all that stuff happened, you know, publicly, it felt disorienting and unfair. But what I'm realizing is that's just a part of this gig now," the Top Gun: Maverick actor said. According the profile, Powell chooses to remain focused on his career, family, and friends and tries not to let the more personal aspects of fame get to him.

In the interview, Powell also addressed his expression in photos with Sweeney, which fans thought was clear evidence that he was in love with her. The 35-year-old said that his whole family has "the Powell face," which is just to say that they appear happy a lot of the time.

Sweeney spoke out about the alleged affair earlier this year. "It's a rom-com," the 26-year-old told Variety in August. "That's what people want! Glen and I don't really care. We have so much fun together, and we respect each other so much; he's such a hard worker, and I'm a hard worker. We're excited for the press tour … We talk all the time like, 'That's really funny.'"

She also admitted that she's leaned into the rumors on occasion for the benefit of fans. "They want it," she added. "It's fun to give it to 'em."

Anyone But You hits theaters on Dec. 22. Sweeney and Powell play guests at a wedding in Australia who hate each other but agree to pretend to be together.

Elsewhere in his Men's Health interview, Powell said that he'd like to be in a relationship again, but that it's difficult with his schedule and lack of a solid home base as an actor. He also noted that "the world has shifted a few degrees" when it comes to dating, because of his increased fame.

The Set It Up star explained, "If you talk to a girl or something like that, and you're like, We have a really great connection, we're having a really great interaction, and then they ask you for a selfie, it's like, Oh…"

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