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The First Things People Notice About Your Front Yard, Experts Say

When guests pull up to your home, these are the five things they're bound to notice.

When you're getting ready to host or have friends over, you're likely thinking about the menu, when you'll mop the floors, and whether you have a solid playlist that everyone will enjoy. But before your guests make it inside or to your back deck to enjoy food and tunes, they're greeted by your front yard. Naturally, you want to make sure yours puts its best face forward—and it certainly helps to know what your guests tend to notice first. Read on to find out which five aspects of your yard are most likely to pull focus, and how experts say you can spruce them up.

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Eco-forward design features

decorative small solar lights
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One thing that's sure to catch a guest's eye is any eco-forward or friendly components you may have.

"Sustainability is a rising priority for consumers, and this certainty extends to the home," Yasmine El Sanyoura, home designer at real estate website Opendoor, tells Best Life. "When observing the front yard, guests will notice if eco-friendly design elements are incorporated."

If you want to elevate this aspect of your yard, she offers a few tips.

"If making eco-forward upgrades is accessible to you, consider investing in a design feature that will impress guests and potentially help with resale value down the line," she says. "Try installing solar-panel landscaping lights: These are super affordable and easy to install, and can illuminate the front yard when guests head back home after a visit."


walkway to home
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The path up to and around your house is something your family, friends, or other visitors are bound to notice while they're walking on it. According to Joanne Archer, senior content editor at Expert Home Tips, that's why you want to pay special attention to your walkways.

"If your walkways are untidy, cracked, or stained, they won't go unnoticed," she says, adding that any cracks should be repaired and pathways should be scrubbed to remove dirt and debris.

Nicholas Wayne, lawn and garden expert and the founder of, also points to walkways as a standout feature, noting you should be mindful to ensure all of your guests can walk up to your home with ease.

"Clean, inviting paths show that you prioritize accessibility and curb appeal," he tells Best Life.

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Outdoor décor

wind chimes in front yard
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Just like when they're inside your home, your guests are going to check out the décor in your front yard.

Looking for some inspiration? Wayne recommends "adding some twinkle" by placing lights along your pathways (even better if they're solar-powered!) or introducing a tasteful sculpture "to create visual interest and personality."

"You might not have considered adding sculptures to the front of your home, but they can be an eye-catching focal point," Archer adds. "They don't have to be huge; a simple birdhouse or a set of wind chimes can add some personality and style."


landscaping outside home
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Of course, people are going to notice your lawn and any associated landscaping: Everything from your lawn to your lantanas is likely to be evaluated at first glance.

"Since landscaping typically frames the front yard, how it appears when a guest first pulls up to your home will make a first impression," El Sanyoura says. "A focus on the look and feel of outdoor greenery is valuable for impressing neighbors and guests alike, and creating an overall attractive outdoor environment. Guests will notice if the landscape is well-maintained, and assume that the rest of the home will be, too."

To up your landscaping game, consider hiring professionals to take a look at your yard and offer their advice. "Ample greenery, flowers, and gardens can add a pop of color that makes for an appealing front yard," El Sanyoura adds.

Even further, if you ever decide to sell, landscaping is well worth the investment.

"According to Opendoor's 2023 Home Decor Report, a freshly landscaped lawn and neatly-trimmed plants and shrubs are key features that can entice a home buyer," El Sanyoura tells Best Life.

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Your home's exterior

yellow house with green shutters
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While people might be taking in the view of your lush lawn or colorful flowers, they're also going to notice your house in the background.

"A clean, well-maintained exterior, including paint, siding, and roof, reflects the overall care you put into your property," Wayne says.

If you don't have the time to invest in a full refresh of your home's façade, consider focusing on something small to start, per Archer's recommendation.

"Why not dress up your entryway with a beautiful door knocker?" she says. "They come in many attractive designs and can make a lasting impression on guests."

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