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The 15 Luxury Designers Billionaires Have on Speed Dial

Meet the world's most opulent duds.

Every guy has his favorite stores and brands. But true ballers? They have their own tailors and designers—the types who traffic in ultra-luxe craftsmanship and bespoke service that are simply top of the line. But who are those designers? If you're shopping for some eye-poppingly opulent duds, where do you even begin to look? Well, check out this list right here. Here are the 15 brands that the world's wealthiest keep on speed dial. And before you go shopping, make sure you're up to date on The 20 Definitive Style Rules for Men Over 40.

This designer makes some of the finest (and most expensive) leather shoes. Their bespoke service customizes every detail of the shoe, including their signature fiddle back waist. All this starts at about 2,500 Euros and requires at least two fittings in order to trace and measure, then do a refitting a month or two later.

But you will feel it in the quality of the shoe, made of some of the finest Florentine leather, with each pair accompanied by an antique sixpence silver coin placed in the box as good luck—drawing on an ancient Scottish tradition. But if you prefer footwear that is just a bit more casual, here are some High-End Sneakers That'll Floor Everyone.


The bespoke suit experience at this Italian tailor is as much engineering as artistry, where every element is customized—the fabric (windowpane, pinstripe, herringbone, or one of hundreds of exclusive fabrics), the style, and the stitching. Each suit takes at least 22 hours of craftsmanship to create, not to mention 6,000 handmade stitches. This attention to detail has caught the eye of plenty of Hollywood heavyweights, including Denzel Washington, Michael Fassbender, and Samuel L. Jackson.

This high-end shirtmaker has been creating bespoke shirts, ties, and pocket squares in Paris since 1838. The house's client list is so long and impressive—from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama, Marcel Proust to Francis Ford Coppola—it even has a dedicated Wikipedia page. And for more great shirt options, here are 20 Date-Night Shirts Women Can't Resist.

Alexander Amosu[/slidetitle

This UK-based designer made headlines a few years back for introducing "the most expensive suit on the planet," with nine diamond and 18-carat gold buttons, along with fabric sourced from rare animals (costing more than $100,000 at the time). Not all of his suits are so over-the-top, but the designer does specialize in "opulent fabrics and customized accessories" that make his suits popular among those looking for the most luxurious options. If the diamond buttons seem too excessive, you can go with the more restrained pure silver or white gold.

[slidetitle num="5"]Stuart Hughes

Another designer partial to incorporating diamonds into his suits, Hughes, based in Liverpool, sells a R.Jewels Diamond Edition suit for a mere 600,000 pounds (created in collaboration with Manchester's Richard Jewels). The suit is made of Cashmere wool and silk—and 480 strategically positioned diamonds.

This designer, located in central London's Savile Row, embraces the street's tailoring heritage, by taking his bespoke service to the next level. William himself is involved at every stage, offering a hand-cut suit from a pattern he drafted, unique to the wearer's measurements. As he puts it: "A pair of trousers is made from 57 separate pieces. A jacket is made from 109. Not using standard shapes and block sizes as many do means your suit is made to fit you—not made, then made to fit. This gives your suit perfect shape."

This Italian design house has been "shoemaker to the stars" going back to the early 1900s, opening up The Hollywood Boot Shop back in 1923. Today, its signature Tramezza shoe is worn by the likes of Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Bradley Cooper. You can customize your own, selecting from three classic styles—the Oxford, the Monkstrap, or the Monkstrap Boot—and tailoring the material, color, buckle finish, and everything else to your particular taste.

Set on Paris' bustling Rue de Mogador, this shoemaker has been crafting bespoke boots for more than 150 years. The designer estimates that it takes 50 hours (and at least two appointments) for its highly skilled craftsmen to create a pair of shoes, ensuring it conforms perfectly to the customer's foot. No generic sizes or widths are available, and the designer promises not only style, but sturdiness. Speaking of high-end boots, here are The Most Impressive Dress Boots You Can Buy.

This designer, located in North Leeds, promises to dedicate no less than 75 hours to crafting a customized suit for clients, cutting and sewing it on site at his workroom. The coat is handwoven from real horse hair and in the traditionally English cut of "a slightly longer silhouette, fitted waist, and a defined form to the chest," as he puts it. And speaking of suits, one great way to up your suit style is with one of The Best New Blue Blazers for Men Right Now.


This Paris-based designer hand-makes shoes and suits to order, sweating every stitch. For shoes, that means bespoke treatment from the wooden last to the selection of leather and patinas. For its signature Grande Mesure suits, it means selecting from 3,000 fabrics woven by prestigious designers everywhere from Italy to Japan, with four appointments to ensure every piece is molded perfectly to the wearer.


The Made to Measure Suit is the pride of this legendary Italian designer. The fabric is sourced from Kiton's exclusive wool mill, Lanicificio Carlo Barbera, where the house creates its fabrics. Each suit draws on the traditions of ancient Neapolitan tailoring. Those looking to splurge can invest in the K50 model, created exclusively by five of the design house's tailors, that comes with a longer silhouette than other Kiton models, thus requiring twice as much time to create.

According to Vanity Fair: "Anderson & Sheppard is perhaps the finest bespoke tailor in Britain—which is to say in the world… [It] is the standard-bearer of Savile Row—tailors to Fred Astaire, Noël Coward, Gary Cooper, and the Prince of Wales, not to mention sundry dukes, barons, maharajas, marchesi, industrialists, actors, composers, Rothschilds, Guinnesses, and Waughs…." Need we say any more?

Dating back to 1842, the House of Dormeuil is not a designer to rest on its heritage, searching the world for ever-more rare and luxurious fibers. The full experience can be enjoyed with the Dormeuil Platinum, a fully bespoke suit entirely made in Italy, selected from more than 2,500 fabrics, with every detail (shoulder shape, width and shape of collar, buttonhole styling) customized to your liking.

This South African design house specializes in formalwear and wedding suits. Its limited-edition Cavalier Rockefeller Vanquish II includes 4-carat diamond buttons, and lining that's embedded with African platinum. But even it's the more standard suits that are worth dropping five figures on, with every detail customized to each client. Cavalier also offers a wide range of ties, bow ties, cuff links, and more.

This bespoke London shirt maker has been serving the rich and famous—"Princes, Prime Ministers, Presidents and Pop Stars," as the house puts it—for almost 150 years. Buyers can select from a huge range of shirt materials—poplins, voiles, linens, and more—as well as pocket shapes, collar and cuff styles and more. And for more great style advice, check out this list of Best Life Style Essentials.

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