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David Beckham's Alleged Former Mistress Says She Caught Him in Bed With Another Woman

Rebecca Loos claims the footballer was also cheating on her when they were allegedly having an affair.

The Netflix documentary series Beckham not only recaps David Beckham's rise to fame and high-profile marriage and family life—it also resurfaces rumors from the early '00s that the footballer cheated on wife Victoria Beckham, including with then-personal-assistant Rebecca Loos. (Victoria called that time "the hardest period" of their 24-year marriage.) Now, in light of the renewed interest in David's alleged cheating, Loos has spoken out again about her side of the unconfirmed scandal. In a Daily Mail interview, the 46-year-old claimed that not only was David cheating on Victoria with her, she also claims to have caught him in bed with a Spanish model in the midst of their affair.

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In 2004, after the tabloids began reporting that David was seeing his personal assistant on the side, Loos gave an interview confirming the story. She claimed that there "was an obvious attraction" between them and that David "treated [her] in a special way." The Real Madrid player subsequently issued a statement denying Loos claims, saying, in part, "The simple truth is that I am very happily married and have a wonderful wife and two very special kids. There is nothing any third party can do to change this."

In the new Netflix series, both Victoria and David opened up about the difficult period after they moved to Spain, admitting that there was some distance and tension between them. However, the sports star continues to deny that any affair took place—something Loos apparently takes issue with.

"He can say whatever he likes, of course, and I understand he has an image to preserve, but he is portraying himself as the victim and he's making me look like a liar, like I've made up these stories," Loos told the Daily Mail of her impression of the documentary. She also claimed that David was "indirectly suggesting that [Loos is] the one who has made Victoria suffer."

Loos additionally claimed that David also cheated on her. She recalled a night when she and the player were both at his teammate Ronaldo Nazário's Madrid house and she saw him speaking to a Spanish model she doesn't name. According to her, Victoria called the assistant later that night asking to speak to David and wouldn't let her off the phone until she went to find him. Loos said that she went upstairs and saw two bodyguards stationed outside the room where David was sleeping. She told them that Victoria was on the phone and one of them entered the room to retrieve him.

"When he comes back David is with him. I can see the model in the background lying on the bed," Loos claimed. "I can see it's a bedroom. I was fuming, and I just looked at him, gave him the phone and said, 'Your wife.'"

"I was so hurt," she continued. "It was just this awful feeling, and I thought to myself, 'You stupid fool.' But he had me, he had his claws into me, and I was at his beck and call."

Loos is now married to doctor Sven Christjar Skaiaa, who she met on the reality series 71 Degrees North. They have two children and live in Norway. The Beckhams, of course, are still together and have four children. They have yet to respond to Loos' latest claims.

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