Comcast Subscribers Say Channels Are Suddenly Disappearing

Customers report that they're unable to access certain channels, even though they pay for them.

No matter which TV provider you subscribe to, you expect reliable service—but that doesn't always mean you get it. While we live in a world where pretty much any TV show or movie should be at your fingertips, the reality is the content offerings on cable packages and streaming services are constantly shifting. Now, some Comcast subscribers are reporting an even more alarming development: Some of their favorite channels have suddenly disappeared. Read on to find out what's missing and how Comcast is fixing the problem.

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Several providers have had channel trouble recently.

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Comcast isn't the only TV provider causing a stir with subscribers lately.

DirecTV customers just learned they will lose access to some football games next season, as the National Football League (NFL) is planning to move its streaming package, NFL Sunday Ticket, to another provider. The package has been exclusively available on DirecTV for the last 28 years, allowing customers to screen live out-of-market games on football Sundays.

Apple TV has been the frontrunner to secure the deal, but The New York Times reported that YouTube TV, which is owned by Google, could end up securing the contract.

DirecTV has also been in the spotlight this week, as Fox began warning subscribers that they were at risk of losing their "favorite Fox programming," per The Hollywood Reporter. The issue is tied to an ongoing contract dispute between the TV provider and the network, and if negotiations don't progress, DirecTV customers might experience a blackout and lose Fox channels like FS1, FS2, Big Ten Network, Fox Deportes, pay-per-view service Fox Soccer Plus, and all Fox-operated local affiliates, Deadline reported.

Comcast customers, however, are now the ones airing their grievances, because some channels have already gone missing.

Channels are suddenly missing for some users.

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In addition to its traditional Xfinity digital cable TV, Comcast also offers the Xfinity Stream app. According to Comcast's website, the app allows you to stream network TV, live sports and news, and shows and movies on demand on a mobile device. It can also be downloaded on streaming players like Roku and Amazon Fire TV or to a smart TV—making it easy to have access to your Netflix subscription and live TV all in one place.

But some Xfinity Stream app customers are now noting that certain channels have up and disappeared. Calls for help have flooded Twitter and help forums on Comcast's website, and issues have seemingly been going on for over a week. On Thanksgiving Day, customers were particularly irked when service was interrupted.

"Excellent day for there to be NO FOOTBALL on television," a Nov. 24 tweet reads. "The family had to watch Golden Girls after we ate."

Another tweet also called out Xfinity for the lack of holiday service: "@Xfinity @comcast @Roku why does my Xfinity Stream app on Roku have a super limited number of channels right now? I was to watch the Vikings-Patriots game, but the channel it's on isn't showing for me to select."

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Customers are receiving error messages.

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On an Xfinity Stream forum, a subscriber said that they're receiving a message that reads "it looks like your plan doesn't include any channels" when they try to stream shows on the Apple TV and Roku devices, even though they have Xfinity's Ultimate TV Package.

Other customers said that their cable box was working fine and issues were directly tied to the Xfinity Stream app, which was showing just a fraction of the channels customers subscribe to, or channels limited to educational or weather programming.

"My app only shows 2 channels instead of the hundreds I subscribe to," a tweet reads. "My regular cable box works fine, just not the Xfinity Stream app on 2020 Samsung QLED TV or AppleTV."

Xfinity support responded to customers directly.

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Customers said they tried deleting the app, reinstalling, and logging in and out, but troubleshooting efforts were unsuccessful. Others users said they contacted customer service and even after that, they're still experiencing difficulties.

"@comcast is having major problems with its Xfinity stream app," one frustrated Twitter user wrote on Nov. 28. "It's been reported and now I'm experiencing it, that I'm missing channels. Spent 2 hours with Comcast on the phone. NOTHING WORKS!!!"

Xfinity employees have responded to the forum and social media posts, offering direction for further assistance. "I'm truly sorry for the frustration caused by the known Stream app issue," a representative said in a forum response on Nov. 26, instructing the customer to send Xfinity Support a direct message.

The same advice was doled out on Twitter. "Goodness, this is absolutely not the experience we intend to provide, and I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you," a tweet from a support provider reads. "I would like to take a closer look into your situation, and see if there is anything I can do. Please, send me a DM, so I can assist."

Best Life reached out to Comcast for comment, but has yet to hear back.

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