15 Cats in Halloween Costumes They Absolutely Hate

Dressing your cat up for Halloween doesn't always go as planned.

15 Cats in Halloween Costumes They Absolutely Hate

Humans of all ages love Halloween. We get to wolf down candy, party like it's 1999, drink pumpkin spice lattes, and best of all, for 24 hours, we get to play dress-up in totally ridiculous costumes that we would never, under any other circumstances, otherwise wear. But these days, people aren't the only ones dressing up for Halloween; we're getting our dogs and cats elaborate costumes, too!

Our pets, however, especially those of the feline variety, don't always seem to enjoy dressing up. In fact, in typical feline fashion, they often hate it so much, they wear that disapproval right on their very grouchy faces. And the results, predictably, are pretty darn cute. Here, we present you with 15 adorably miserable cats in Halloween costumes.

This reindeer who hardly glows

cat wearing reindeer antlers Shutterstock

"Rudolph? Yeah, I used to know a Rudolph…"

This outlaw with paws

robin hood kitten Shutterstock

You can take the cat out of the Wild West, but you can't take the Wild West out of the cat.

This sassy Sailor Moon

white persian cat dressed up as sailor moon Shutterstock

In the name of the Moon, she'll punish you for this!

This bovine feline

cow kitten Shutterstock

Cows are supposed to moo, not hiss!

This liger

trump kitten Shutterstock

That's right: Ligers are totally real (and totally miserable).

This lovelorn military officer

kgb kitten Shutterstock

Don't give General Grumpy-Paws the launch codes!

This down-and-out dino

dinosaur kitten Shutterstock

Why would you dress up nature's most efficient killing machine as something so comparatively meek as a triceratops?

This little lion

cat in a tiger costume Shutterstock

"Does this thing make my ears look big?"

This party pooper

a white cat wearing a striped birthday hat Shutterstock

Her one birthday wish was to not have to dress up.

This furst mate

pirate kitten Shutterstock

Watch your back, Blackbeard!

And this fancy purrr-rate

black cat wearing a pirate hat Shutterstock

Seriously, Blackbeard, we're warning you.

This not-so-saintly Sphynx

leprechaun kitten Shutterstock

It's Saint Paddy's Day, not Saint Catty's Day!

This ambivalent amphibian

frog kitten Shutterstock

Say goodbye to your high-score in Frogger.

This office drone

a cat dressed up in business casual clothing Shutterstock

"Um, shouldn't the phrase be 'working like a cat'?"

And this chichi kitty

a cat wearing a beret and a french sailor shirt Shutterstock

Le chatte triste!

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