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Seth Rogen's Mom Shares Her Thoughts on Those "Bridgerton" Sex Scenes

If you're a "Bridgerton" fan, you may have noticed this too.

The sex scenes on the Netflix period drama Bridgerton have caused quite the buzz on social media, in group chats, and over family dinners. The show quickly became Netflix's most-watched original series ever, and it's hard not to presume that the salacious scenes have something to do with that. The steamy moments have captured viewers' attention, including, apparently, Seth Rogen's mom. On Twitter, Sandy Rogen made a very interesting observation about the Bridgerton sex scenes, which was then confirmed by one of the cast members. To see what Sandy had to say about the saucy scenes, read on, and for more insight on Hollywood sex scenes, check out Keira Knightley Says She'll Only Do Sex Scenes in These Circumstances.

Sandy pointed out that there's one particularly unrealistic thing about the Bridgerton sex scenes.

Phoebe Dynevor and Rege-Jean Page in Bridgerton
Liam Daniel/Netflix

Sandy, like so many viewers, was captivated by the intimate sex scenes portrayed on Bridgerton. On March 4, she took to Twitter to point out a notable aspect of the scenes. Sandy tweeted, "So on Bridgerton they always seem to have their orgasms exactly at the same time, or at least that's what it looks like to this old lady…"

In response, her son retweeted her, adding "My mom reviews Bridgerton." However, it seems Sandy is not the only one who noticed this trend…

One Bridgerton star responded to Sandy's observation.

Nicola Coughlan in Bridgerton

Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope Featherington on Bridgerton, responded to Seth's tweet, saying, "she is correct their timing is impeccable." Coughlan also said she's honored that Sandy is a fan of the show.

Sandy does seem like a real fan since, on Feb. 27, she tweeted, "I think I could watch the last episode of Bridgerton a few times." With Sandy still talking about the show into March, it seems she must have been true to her words and rewatched some episodes. To see why another TV star struggled with certain romantic scenes, check out Kaley Cuoco Says Big Bang Gave Her Love Scenes With Her Ex "On Purpose."

Sandy often raises eyebrows on Twitter.

Sandy Rogen Twitter account

This isn't the first time Sandy's tweets have made headlines. After all, she tends to ask the big questions. Exhibit A: "I wonder things, like how old is the oldest working flight attendant?" she tweeted in July 2019.

While other times, she tweets things more in line with her Bridgerton commentary, like "Falling asleep after sex is like Shavasana after yoga," or "In yoga when you can see the very private parts of the woman in front of you through her pants, should you tell her?" For more celebrity families getting real, check out Jada Pinkett Smith Regrets Doing This One Thing With Her Kids.

Seth has said he's embarrassed by his mom's tweets.

Seth Rogen

Like any son, Seth is embarrassed by his mom's tweets. When he was on The Late Late Show in May 2019, James Corden printed out the aforementioned tweets during their interview. In response, the actor said, "It's horrible," although he was laughing along.

"Imagine your mother was walking about sex. She has, like, tens of thousands of followers. It's objectively humiliating," he added, before admitting that she's very funny. "I wish she wouldn't do it, but she seems to enjoy it. Other people get a kick out of it, so power to her." And for another funny mother-son duo, check out Kate Hudson's Lookalike Son Does a Hilarious Impersonation of Her.

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