5 Secrets BJ's Wholesale Club Doesn't Want You to Know

Buying in bulk isn't always so straightforward. Here's what retail experts say you should know.

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Whether you shop at Costco, Sam's Club, or BJ's Wholesale Club, you'll know that each warehouse store has its devout shoppers. If you're on team BJ's (or if you want to see how it stacks up against your fave!), you'll want to keep reading to hear retail experts spill their biggest shopping secrets. From how to save even more to the hidden benefits of your membership, these tips might change your next visit to the big-box store.

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Remember those coupons.

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"Unlike other membership clubs, BJ's allows you to use manufacturer coupons when shopping, which means you can maximize the savings of buying in bulk even more," explains Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst with DealNews.com. These can be used in addition to in-store promotions.

The same applies if you're shopping online. "Click through a cash-back site like CouponCabin.com to get up to 8%," advises consumer savings and smart shopping expert Andrea Woroch.

Download the BJ's mobile app.


To guarantee you know the sales schedule and get all the discounts, you'll want to download the BJ's mobile app. "The app is available for both iOS and Android phones, and allows shoppers to save digital coupons which can then be redeemed automatically during checkout," shares Ramhold.

The app is also helpful if you want to save time and shop ahead because, according to Ramhold, it includes "pickup check-in and ExpressPay, which allows you to skip the register and pay via your phone."

Shoppers on Google Play generally approve of the app, with one writing, "Easy to use, I have never crashed, it is not slow and the BJs app reminds me of items that could sell out." Another said, "I especially like the clipless coupon aspect so I can download the coupons I expect to use the next time I shop and the coupons are automatically used at checkout since the app is tied to the membership card."

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Embrace your status to save.

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If you're an educator or veteran, you could get extra savings while shopping.

"Active and veteran status military members can procure a membership to BJ's at a reduced rate as long as they can show proof of service," says Ramhold. "[It] has the same rights and privileges as the current Inner Circle membership, which includes exclusive coupons, a complimentary membership for one household member, and the ability to purchase 3 supplemental memberships."

Teachers, educators, and education staff "can get the first tier of membership for just $25 for one year (ordinarily it costs $55 per year)," adds Ramhold. And watch out for current promotions; at the moment, if teachers sign up, they receive a $10 bonus automatically loaded onto their membership card.

Shop the end-of-season sales.

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If you're looking for seasonal items, your best bet is to shop at the end of the season for the following year. "End of summer will offer bigger sales on patio furniture, grills, and beach gear, while end of winter will provide the best savings on winter apparel and patio heaters and fire pits," Woroch says.

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Get your gas.

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Make sure you're taking advantage of all the benefits of being a BJ's member, including lower gas prices.

"Starting February 27, 2023, the new Club+ Card will allow shoppers to save 5 cents off each gallon of gas purchased at BJ's when their membership card is scanned for these purchases," notes Ramhold.

And depending on where you live, the savings could be even greater. "Really good prices, like 30 cents cheaper than out in town with membership. And even cheaper with BJ's mastercard," wrote a member on Google about their Pensacola, Florida BJ's gas station. In a Reddit thread, a member claimed, "The cheaper gas by itself pays for the membership fee."

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