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8 Brands That Sell the Best Quality Luggage, According to Experts

Travel pros share their top picks for luggage that goes the distance.

Luggage is something you really can't do without if you want to do any traveling. The concept—a box for your stuff, ideally with wheels and a handle—seems simple enough. But from burly baggage handlers to cobblestone streets, few possessions are subject to as much abuse—so quality really matters. With a mind-boggling selection of suitcases to choose from, though, how are you supposed to know which you should carry with you as you check off your travel bucket list? We asked the experts to enlighten us, so read on to see which brands they say will hold their end up in the happy trails department.

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Tumi luggage store

TUMI is a premium luggage option known for being both functional and stylish, as well as having a great customer service department that stands behind their products with a comprehensive warranty.

"I remember a personal experience where a wheel on my Tumi suitcase broke during a trip, and their customer service promptly sent me a replacement wheel without any hassle," Elaine Warren, founder and CEO of The Family Cruise Companion, tells Best Life. "This level of support is invaluable when you're traveling and need your luggage to be dependable."

Anne Grant, travel writer at Park Nerds, is another fan of TUMI thanks to their use of premium materials that are durable without sacrificing a sophisticated appearance. "TUMI's innovative features, such as the patented Omega Closure System and TUMI Tracer, offer travelers added security and peace of mind," she says. "With a wide range of styles and sizes, TUMI's luggage caters to the needs of discerning globetrotters."


Samsonite luggage store

This iconic luggage brand, founded in 1910, still tops many a list when it comes to top-quality luggage with lots of options at a coach-class price. According to Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with, Samsonite is the quintessential quality luggage brand.

"I myself have a Samsonite suitcase I've had for literal decades at this point," she says. "It went to Europe with me in 2001 and has survived multiple crazy moves and it still looks exactly the same as it did 22 years ago. I don't worry about it holding up because the brand is so trustworthy."

Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley
Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley gets top ratings from frequent travelers, but with the most basic carry-ons starting at $500, it is definitely a premium pick. Though the brand's lifetime guarantee and repair program (which they'll honor anywhere in the world), and their patented compression system, makes the pricey luggage splurge-worthy.

"We travel every opportunity we have and now live in Kathmandu. Because of our location and the fact that in the past three years we have gone through at least as many suitcases, we wanted something reliable," Lieze Nieven, travel writer at Glitter Rebel, tells Best Life. "We first invested in one suitcase (they are pricey) but the fact that these products come with a worldwide no questions asked lifetime guarantee means that you will only need to buy one suitcase. Such great long term investments for frequent travellers."

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Travelpro luggage sign

Amazon-owned brand Travelpro is another stalwart of the luggage world, and it's affordable even when compared to many brands that aren't as highly regarded. There are plenty of both hard-sided and soft-sided options, and Amazon also offers a 100-day return policy.

"The 21-inch expandable spinner and 22-inch expandable carry-on rollaboard are standout pieces and can hold five days worth of clothing (or more)," says Ramhold. "Plus, when you shop TravelPro directly, you'll receive a 100 day trial on select pieces, which lends even more confidence to the brand."

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Away luggage
Photo courtesy of Away

Away, what many call a 21st-century luggage disruptor, has taken the guesswork out of choosing chic, simple, high-quality luggage for a reasonably affordable price. The brand offers a tightly-curated selection of durable hard-sided carry-on and checked luggage, as well as small duffels and tote bags. Their sleek design, lifetime warranty, and added perk of an integrated battery for mobile phone charging, has sent the brand to the head of the pack.

Keri Baugh, founder of family travel blog Bon Voyage With Kids, is a fan—and she is not the only one. Everyone in her family-of-five has the hard shell medium and the bigger carry-on in a rainbow of colors.

"The design of the suitcase is thoughtfully designed by travelers for travelers," she says. "You can fit so much in this suitcase. It wheels so beautifully, it's like a luxury SUV. They fit together like a puzzle making them easy for transporting. They are sleek, eye catching, and beautiful as well as durable and affordable."

Ricardo Beverly Hills

Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage
Ricardo Beverly Hills

This brand may sound fancy, but it's on the more affordable end of the luggage spectrum. It also offers a mind-boggling array of styles and colors in both soft- and hard-sided varieties.

"I love my large, soft lightweight spinner," Cheryl Nelson, travel preparedness expert and founder of Prepare With Cher, tells Best Life. "I can fit a lot into this and it's excellent for long trips. I also have one of their soft spinner carry-on size roller bags that is big enough to fit everything I need for a weekend trip, but small enough to fit in mainline commercial jets' overhead bins."

Another bragging point from Nelson: "Durable spinner wheels! My suitcase has been on countless airplanes and baggage carousels all over the world and is still in one piece."

Peak Design

Peak Design Travel Bags
Photo: Peak Design

This brand's backpacks are a trusted-go to for light travel.

"The best luggage we have been using steadily over the past few years is the Travel Backpack from Peak Design in 45L, and we just got it in 30L as well," says Becca Siegel, co-owner of Half Half Travel. "The luggage itself, in both sizes, is a minimalist piece to travel with, and has high-quality zippers, interior mesh pockets, exterior material build, and strong straps for the traveler on the go. The Peak Design backpack has traveled to countless countries with us as well as domestic trips and wedding weekends. It fits in overhead bins on flights and it's also a favorite for road trips."

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley bags

Vera Bradley's quilted bags have been de rigeur among a huge fashion-and-trend-loving fan base for almost too long to remember. They come in of shapes and sizes, Nelson loves the brand's chic and durable toiletry bags for keeping things organized.

"Their hanging travel organizer, made from recycled cotton, is perfect for any trip," she says. "The hanger makes it easy to hang the bag up so you can easily find what you need. The bottom zipper pouch is plastic lined, which is perfect for any potential leaky bottles, and there are tons of zippered pockets for storage."

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