50 Meaningful Couples' Tattoos to Show Your Everlasting Love

The ultimate sign of forever.

Seeing that they last forever, choosing to pen yourself with the permanent ink of a tattoo can be daunting. But getting one with your significant other is often an incredibly meaningful way to symbolize your eternal love. Connecting yourselves with forever ink is the ultimate sign of commitment and lasting bonds. If you're looking for creative ideas that are still sweet and meaningful, check out these couples tattoo ideas.

1. Waves couples tattoo

Waves are a symbol of the soul, the subconsciousness, and emotion. Matching wave tattoos show that the two of you can handle any kind of changing tides.

2. Matching moon cycle couples tattoo

Harness a bit of lunar energy with matching moon cycle tattoos that represent your ability to go through all the phases of life together.

3. Heart arrow couples tattoo

Sometimes love really does make you feel like you've been shot by cupid's arrow. Show the forward momentum of your relationship with heart arrow tattoos like these.

4. LOVE couples tattoo

Like two halves of a whole, the two of you can each get half of the word "love" to show the way your love completes one another.

5. Avocado couples tattoo

It's been said that avocados symbolize love, lust, passion, and fertility. This cheeky couple's tat shows two halves of the same green fruit, another cute symbol of your partnership.

6. Opposites attract couples tattoo

Artistic couples will love this abstract representation of the manta that opposites attract. These trendy triangles with different elements show how you can be different but complimentary.

7. Matching birth year couples tattoo

Simple date tattoos are timeless and subtle. Get one of your beau's brith date for a sentimental couples tattoo idea.

8. Replay couples tattoo

While this simple, subtle tattoo may not initially looks like the most obvious example of love, it has a sweet underlying meaning: Play the moments, pause the pain and rewind the memories.

9. Lock & key couples tattoo

Symbolize the love between you and your partner by having one of you get a lock and the other get the key. It's a straightforward sign that they have your heart for good.

10. Feminine rose couples tattoo

If you're new to tattoos, a timeless rose is a great place to start. Not to mention, roses are a symbol of love, so it's the perfect matching tattoo to get with your boo.

11. Sun & moon couples tattoo

The ultimate representation of wholeness, balance and harmony, getting a sun and moon tattoo with your significant other represents how much you two complete one another.

12. Heartbeat couples tattoo

Show how you you truly view your partner: as the heartbeat of your life. This linear tattoo is cute and romantic, without being too overt.

13. Queen bee couples tattoo

When the Queen Bee meets her match, getting an awesome, artistic view to represent it is a great way to go.

14. Mr. & Mrs. couples tattoo

Keep it simple and classic with finger tattoos. If you're married, these tattoos celebrate your new prefixes.

15. Connected cartoon couples tattoo

A quirky cartoon character of you to match your significant other is made even more adorable with a retro tin can telephone—symbolizing that the two of you are always there to listen to one another.

16. Cheese & cracker couples tattoo

Show how classic your bond is by getting a tattoo like this. Obviously, nothing goes together quite like cheese and crackers. Who is the cheese and who is the cracker in your relationship?

17. Birds of a feather couples tattoo

Birds of a feather flock together. Show how solid your partnership is with matching couples' tattoos of cool bird silhouettes.

18. Anchor couples tattoo

Anchors are the best representation of your partner's ability to bring you security, stability, and being grounded. Add a tiny heart at the top to show your love.

19. City silhouettes couples tattoo

Traveling couples will love this sweet ode to their favorite places.

20. To the moon and back couples tattoo

Express how everlasting your love is with matching moon tattoos that finish one sentence.

21. Crystal hearts couples tatoo

Crystal hearts are a meaningful symbol if resiliency and beauty, two great ways to describe a couples' love.

22. "We got this" couples tattoo

Give an ode to the strength of your relationship with a couples tattoo that spells it out with words. With tattoos like this, you really can take on anything.

23. Beauty & The Beast couples tattoo

Embrace your very own romantic fairy tale with this cheeky couples tat of the r Disney classic.

24. Smiley face couples tattoo

Sometimes, the most simple and subtle couples tattoos are the best. These tiny smiley faces are a cute way to show how happy you are with your beau.

25. "Ever us" couples tattoo

Ring finger tattoos are a great way to express the permanency of a relationship. These with the words "ever us" signify the bond between you two.

26. "Ohana" couples tattoo

"Ohana", or "family" in Hawaiian, is a great couples tattoo idea for people who have children (or fur children) together.

27. Infinity & beyond couples tattoo

Harken back to your favorite childhood movie Toy Story with a phrase that has another meaning: Forever love.

28. Matching initial couples tattoo

A small wrist tattoo of your person's initial and a small heart is effortless and sweet.

29. Infinity sign couples tattoo

An unadorned infinity sign is subtle and can easily be covered up for those who aren't a fan of large tattoos. It's a recognizable sign of eternal value, love, and partnership.

30. Ampersand signs couples tattoo

The ampersand symbol symbolizes the joining of two clauses: "You & Me."

31. "Always" couples tattoo

Show that you'll "always" be together with this romantic tattoo idea that's ultra meaningful.

32. The only one couples tattoo

Spell out that you are each other's one and only with this heartfelt couples tattoo.

33. Roman numerals couples tattoo

Celebrate any kind of anniversary by getting roman numerals of a special date in your relationship.

34. Our stories couples tattoo

Being together for the long haul means that your story as a couple as no definitive end. This one simple sentence tattoo speaks volumes.

35 .Yin & Yang couples tattoo

Yang represents the masculine power while Yin represents the feminine force. Together, they symbolize balance and unity, two signs of an everlasting relationship.

36. Thumb print hearts couples tattoo

Show the imprint your forever love has on your heart with this meaningful couples tattoo idea that is creative.

37. Coffee & mug couples tattoo

What goes together better than a hot pot of coffee and a mug? Especially if you and your partner are avid caffeine consumers, these tiny tats are a cute way to show your bond.

38. Penguin pair couples tattoo

Penguins are seriously romantic animals who mate for life. Show how much your partner means to you by getting matching penguin tattoos, especially if you love the animal.

39. Mario and Princess Peach couples tattoo

These iconic video games characters are every gamers dream. These colorful couples' tattoos are a cute and quirky way to show your love.

40. Pizza my heart couples tattoo

Pizza lover couples can embrace their favorite carb-loaded dinner with these cute tattoos.

41. Keep me wild couples' tattoo

Express how your partnership works with these cute text tattoos that spell it out.

42. Wine pairing couple tattoos

Wine connoisseurs will drink up this fun couples tattoo idea.

43. Paper plane couple tattoo

Show that the two of you are in the right direction with paper airplane tattoos.

44. Compass & ship couples tattoo 

A compass gives a ship direction in stormy seas, just like your partner guides you through life. These complimentary tattoos are a reminder of that safety that exists between the two of you.

45. Lastitude & longistude couples tattoo

A meaningful take on the basic latitude and longitude tattoos, these endearing tattoos are a fresh take on how much you mean to each other.

46. Puzzle pieces couples tattoo

Symbolize two parts of a whole by getting matching puzzle piece tattoos with your significant other to show what a great fit you are.

47. Electric socket & plug couples tattoo

Show how your SO lights you with electric feelings with a tiny plug tattoo.

48. Loved by the sun couples tattoo

Give a ssalute to the universe with these matching tattoos that give a shoutout to the one you love.

49. Rocket and planet couples tattoo

Your significant other is a safe place for your rocket ship to land. This tattoo idea is for cool couples only.

50. Bird and cage couples tattoo

A bird flying from a cage represents freedom, a nice way of showing how your partner gave you wings to be independent and happy.


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