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Popular Bookstores, Including Barnes & Noble, Are Closing Locations, Starting Feb. 11

Big-name chains and smaller operations are both being hit.

Bookstores are a haven for readers, with shelves overflowing with new stories to dive into and discover. But with many of us shifting to e-readers or ordering from online retailers, it's become that much more difficult for brick-and-mortar book shops to stay up and running. Across the country, bookstores continue to close locations, and even one of the largest chains in the U.S., Barnes & Noble, is not immune. Read on to find out which bookstores are closing, starting next month.

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Barnes & Noble announced that a New Jersey store is closing.

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Bookworms in Paramus, New Jersey, will be sad to learn that the Barnes & Noble on Route 17 is closing for good next month. The store announced closure plans in a Dec. 30 Facebook post, confirming that its final day of business is Feb 11.

"It is with great sadness that we announce the closure of this Barnes & Noble bookstore," the post reads. "We wish we could have served the community from this location for many, many more years, but the landlord has chosen not to renew our lease and will be redeveloping the site. It has truly been our honor and privilege to be your bookseller in Paramus for the last 28 years."

The post notes that the closest Barnes & Noble location is in Hackensack, New Jersey, at The Shops at Riverside.

Shoppers shared their disappointment in the comments, but it's not all bad news.

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The post has garnered nearly 500 likes and over 300 comments, with many Facebook users chiming in on closure plans. "This is definitely sad news," one user wrote. "Your store has always been the best Barnes & Noble. No other store has the variety and volume of inventory you do, which is why Paramus has always been my go-to store."

Thankfully, the Barnes & Noble Paramus team confirmed that they're looking for a new location and are "hoping to return close to here with a new bookstore before too long." Those with location suggestions were asked to forward suggestions to [email protected] with the subject line "Paramus."

"We thank our wonderful Paramus booksellers for all their hard work and dedication and know that they look forward to welcoming you back to their new store just as soon as this has been found," the Facebook post reads.

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A beloved small bookstore in Louisiana is also closing.

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According to The Acadiana Advocate, And Books Too, a popular book and comic book store in Lafayette, Louisiana, is closing as well. The shop has been owned and operated by Marty and Lorraine Medlin since 1986, when it primarily sold "remainder books"—those that weren't selling or were liquidated by publishers, the outlet reported. In later years, the Medlins added popular books, board games, and comic books based on customer requests.

The Medlins have plans to retire, and they announced a final sale for And Books Too on Facebook in late December. In response, customers wrote that the closure will mark "the end of an era."

"It had a good run while it lasted," one comment reads. "Empires don't survive forever. Amazing place to enjoy many different games." No official date was confirmed, but Marty told The Acadiana Advocate the bookstore will close once all merchandise has been sold.

"I want to get out while I can still go do," he said. "It's been a fun ride. A lot of kids have come here who have grown up and become good citizens of the city. We've provided a safe place for kids, but it's time for the younger people to step in and run it."

A community rallied around a Michigan bookstore.

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The Book Cottage in Jackson, Michigan, is also closing, even though local residents tried their hardest to save it. Closure plans were first announced in late 2022, prompting loyal shoppers to set up a GoFundMe page to help keep the business afloat.

However, in a Jan. 1 Facebook post, owners Mark and Nancy Oakley confirmed that the store would indeed be shuttered and wrote to "express how much we will miss our customers." No official closure date was listed, but a Jan. 9 Facebook post announced that bookcases, displays, and odds and ends were available as part of a "last call" sale.

As with Barnes & Noble and And Books Too, local shoppers were sad to see the Book Cottage go. "Thank you from my family for giving us a place to share our love of books," a comment on the closure announcement reads. "A place that taught our children how books are magical and possibilities are endless."

However, much like Barnes & Noble, devout Book Cottage customers won't be saying goodbye for good. In response to a comment about plans to open a new store, owners said that a new store under the new name Treasure Chest will open in Michigan Center—and while it's no longer the Book Cottage, the store will have a "small book area."

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