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Bad Faith

This Makes Your Partner More Likely to Cheat

And it's way more common than you think.
Pet Peeves

Men With These 2 Pets Are Most Likely to Cheat

The results are surprising, to say the least.
Home Alone

Doing This Together Led 20 Percent of Couples to Divorce

A whopping 46% had to bring in a third party to mediate.
Gear Shift

Walmart Is Getting Rid of This in Multiple States

It's a major change for the mega-retailer.
Card Sharks

Never Use This Card to Pay for Gifts, FBI Says

Don't let this scam steal your hard-earned cash.
Squeak Dreams

Having This on Your Bed May Attract Mice

It could be making your space a haven for pests.

6 Holiday Decorations That Attract Spiders

You may find more than just presents under the tree.
Health Scare

If You Get This Insurance Bill, Call Authorities

It could put your personal information at risk.
Something Fishy

Never Eat Fish If You See This on the Packaging

This one clue could mean trouble.
Fatal Reaction

Never Use These Two Cleaning Supplies Together

Experts say it could prove fatal.
Slice of Life

If You Bought This at Amazon or Wayfair, Destroy It

This popular product has injured customers.
Money Problems

Contact Authorities If You Get This Message

It could have you paying thousands to scammers.
Don't Bank On It

Got This Message from Your Bank? Call Authorities

The con could deliver your money to scammers.
Hang Up

If You Have AT&T, Don’t Answer This Message

It could put your personal information at risk.
Nuke Fluke

Never Eat Microwaved Food Before Doing This

It could keep you safer in the long run.
Something Fishy

Never Order Seafood Unless You've Asked This First

This one simple question could keep you safe.
Hiss Off

If You Live Here, Prepare to see More Snakes

A number of the reptiles will be venomous.
Log Off

If You Signed Up for This Web Service, Contact Authorities

If it seems too good to be true, that's because it is.
Lights Out

Never Use This Product to Disinfect Your Home

It could cause serious harm in just seconds.
Smell a Rat

Keeping This in Your Yard Could Be Attracting Rats

This fall staple could make your space a haven for pests.
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